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A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. He that is slow to anger appeaseth strife. (Proverbs 15:1, 18)

Love, Your heavenly Father

Prayer Requests


144,000: The Bride of Yahushua

  • One with the divine mind and will
  • Perfectly reflecting Yahuwah's character
  • Full surrender to the will of Yahuwah
  • No guile found in their mouths
  • The spotless bride of Yahushua
  • Following the Lamb wherever He goes

In this video:
Discovering the identity of Revelation's 144,000!

  Views: 33222 Downloads: 11773 Time: 00:13:57
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Hell: You've Got it All Wrong!

  • What is Hell? ...Sheol? ...Hades?
  • Where is Hell? Is it burning right now?
  • Will the wicked really be punished forever
    for the choices of a single lifetime?
  • Can an Eloah of Love really torment
    sinners forever?

In this video:
The Bible Truth about Hell!

  Views: 244363 Downloads: 459734 Time: 00:17:31
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The International Date Line:

  • Is a fairly recent man-made invention
  • Is completely arbitrary
  • Can be and has been moved at will
  • Disproves the continuous weekly cycle
  • Requires a one-day adjustment to reconcile
    East and West.

In this video:
The "Continuous Weekly Cycle" is proven FALSE!

  Views: 111438 Downloads: 151992 Time: 00:14:58
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Rest in Peace

  • What happens when you die?
  • Can the dead speak to us?
  • Are my dead loved ones watching me?
  • Is death the end? Is it forever?
  • Is there consciousness after death?
  • What exactly is a "soul"?

In this video:
Learn the Answers to these questions & more!

  Views: 290750 Downloads: 251554 Time: 00:16:10
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Yahuwah: Name of Promise

  • יהוה
  • Yahuwah
  • Personal Name of the Creator
  • Used in Scripture more than 5,500 times
  • Plan of Salvation found in the Father's Name
  • Scripture urges ALL to call upon Yahuwah
In this video:
Claiming the Promise in Yahuwah's Holy Name!
  Views: 128797 Downloads: 107846 Time: 00:12:45
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Limitless Love
"Limitless Love" The love that parents have for their child is unlike any other love on earth. How much more is Yahuwah's perfect, longsuffering love for you? Read to find out more on just ho...


Bible Study Lessons eCourse
Bible Study Lessons eCourse
The online Bible study course provides a series of lessons on Biblical Christian doctrine. Each point of faith is proven on the basis of Bible texts. Many will be surprised to learn that the Bible does not teach the Trinity, the Atonement fi...

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WLC believes that dating, is the counterfeit of Heaven-blessed courtship.  It can never obtain a compatible mate the way courtship can.  In a true courtship, a man considers the young ladies of his acquaintance.  He then analyzes which of them is the most spiritual, which is the most dedicated to serving Yahuwah. Where do you stand?
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Where were a number of men slain for looking into the ark of the covenant?


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