I understand that it is impossible to locate the correct days of the year for Yahuwah's Holy appointed Feast days? Am I correct?

Answer: This is true if you are trying to locate them using the Roman Gregorian calendar.  However, they fit perfectly like a glove when the luni-solar calendar is used.  The precision of the sun, moon and stars has been a conspicuous marker for astronomers since antiquity. Perfect records have also been kept. Every 19 years the Creators luni-solar calendar comes into harmony with the solar calendar. Astronomical science supports the luni-solar calendar. The sun and moon still shine today to beacon Yahuwah's algorithms of time. They still consistently demonstrate the exact time for His Holy Appointed Feast days and His true seventh-day Sabbath. It is also these astronomical records that prove that while Yahushua died in A.D. 31, on the 6th day of the week and rose on the 1st day, it was not a Friday crucifixion and a Sunday resurrection.  For details refer to eCourse entitled, "The Twelve Criteria of the True Crucifixion Date".