WLC Lunar-Solar Calendar Integration Package

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WLC Lunar-Solar Calendar Integration Guide
HTML5 and PHP integration template
Integration Created by Terry W. Avery

There are three templates within this package designed to help you use the WLC Lunar-Solar Calendar inside your own website design. These templates are in very basic HTML5 and PHP platforms. These templates may not be included in any template packages or bundles and are not to be sold by anyone. The WLC Calendar templates must be given away freely with all the original content, and nothing removed!

As freely as you have received, freely give!

You are allowed to modify these in order to make the templates fit within your website design, or as part of your website, but you may not change or remove any images or links provided within the calendar section of the templates as they are proprietary to WLC; this includes the calendar itself.

The default calendar resolution is 1000 x 750. Do not attempt to change this size as it will simply cut off part of the calendar from being viewed in its entirety. As you will see from the templates, the calendar is a simple div id="wlc-calendar" layout to make it as easy as possible to just insert that div into your HTML, and including the wlc-calendar.css, and JS files as shown from the basic template folder structure and header. There is no need to modify the wlc-calendar.css or the JS files as they are designed to fit any color scheme or web page layout. Feel free to use these templates as needed in order to display the WLC Lunar-Solar Calendar on your website and edit them as needed, but please leave the code and display section of the actual calendar as is, regardless of what page you include it on. Enjoy!

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