Old Testament References in the Book of Revelation

WLC Note: We erred [big time] as a team when we did not consider the extent to which the writings of Old Testament writers influenced John. Although there is no single quote from the Old Testament books in John's visions, there are hundreds of references to events, symbols, and persons in the Old Testament. Trying to interpret John’s visions while ignoring this fact was foolhardy. Thus, our past interpretations were nothing but meaningless fanciful speculation. Now that we have repented of such foolishness, we present this vital compilation so that anyone serious about understanding John's visions will have a valuable tool to aid him in tracing the Old Testament texts that shaped John's writing style.


There are over five hundred references to the Old Testament in the Book of Revelation. The following is a list of such references, but it does not claim to be exhaustive or complete.

Some of these references back to the Old Testament speak of the same thing as the Revelation. However, in others, the Revelation merely borrows a phrase or motif to develop a new area. This distinction should be kept in mind in the study of those Old Testament references.

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