Please Help Us If You Can!


Please help us if you can!

We are reaching out to the WLC community to help us connect with any minister who sees eye to eye with us on the following pivotal teachings that we currently espouse. Our understanding of Yahuwah’s truth continues to evolve, as fresh rays of divine light are cast on our narrow path. We cherish such divine rays more than life and are determined to never compromise or deviate from accepting and obeying all that Father Yahuwah commands us to comprehend. The teachings that we will summarize below are not listed in any particular order of importance. All of Yahuwah’s truths are important regardless of the order in which they are listed:

  1. The Shema [Deuteronomy 6:4-6] was to Yahushua the first primary commandment, so it is with us. Any teaching that deviates from the Shema is paganism. Full stop period.
  2. Honoring Father Yahuwah as the sole Creator is part and parcel of the Shema and is a testing truth for these last days [Revelation 14:7]. Therefore, we take the utmost pride in declaring that the earth is flat and that we live under Father Yahuwah’s Firmament. Any other creation model is blasphemy and an affront to our Father. We would rather be dead than deny Yahuwah’s creative power gloriously manifested in the erection of the dome that spans our flat earth. [Job 37:18].
  3. To deny the pre-existence of Yahushua is part and parcel of the Shema. Therefore, we proudly declare and stand by the assertion that Yahushua did not pre-exist his birth. Any other belief is simply a belief in a different Yahushua, and we dare not deviate from the basic truth underpinning the Shema.
  4. Yahushua is Yahuwah’s Messiah. He is Yahuwah’s means for justifying sinners. There is no other mechanism for justifying sinners. If we want to be accepted and reconciled to Father Yahuwah as sinners, then we have to believe and accept the fact that Yahushua died to pay the price of our sinning. By faith, we are saved. Full stop period.
  5. Having been saved by faith, we are to do the works that have been set for us to perform by Father Yahuwah [Ephesians 2:10]. These works have nothing to do with our justification. Our justification and ongoing forgiveness are based solely on what Yahushua did for us on the cross. It is a fallacy to think that once we are justified by faith, we can ignore the works that Father Yahuwah commands us to do. These works are what will draw the attention of sinners to Father Yahuwah [Matthew 5:16]. If we truly love Yahuwah as commanded in the Shema we will want to do the works that will bring glory and honor to His Name. But these works play no role whatsoever in our justification/forgiveness. However, our eternal reward and status in Yahuwah's eternal kingdom will be determined by the extent to which we fulfilled the works that Yahuwah has set for us. [Revelation 22:12]. 
  6. Loving Yahuwah with all of our hearts, soul, and might as commanded in the Shema [Deuteronomy 6:5] means loving and obeying Father Yahuwah's Torah/teachings. This is so basic and fundamental that it does not even require any mention. So we take pride and joy in learning and obeying His statutes, commandments, and judgments. To us, at WLC we delight in Psalms 119, where David teaches us that His Torah is sweeter than honey and more precious than gold. We also take very seriously the teaching of Yahushua regarding the enduring nature of the Torah in Matthew 5:17-19. This truth is so fundamental for us that we would rather be dead than willfully violate His Torah.
  7. Father Yahuwah is working on forming a remnant out of Israel and the nations. Every end-time prophecy will be literally fulfilled as outlined in the Scriptures. We are fascinated by the end-time prophecies of Zechariah 14; Ezekiel 37, 40-48; Isaiah 2, 13, 65, and 66; Amos 8; Micah 4; Revelation 8-9, 11, 13, 14, 17, 18, 21, and 22, and many more.
  8. Only Father Yahuwah is inherently immortal. Any other teaching that purports that part of a dead person continues to live is pagan teaching that we utterly reject.
  9. The Millennial Kingdom will be on earth and not in heaven. The most exciting event that will usher Yahuwah’s eternal kingdom is when Zechariah 14:4 is fulfilled. This is the one event we are eagerly anticipating. However, between now and this glorious event stupendous and fearful upheavals, wars, and indescribable destructive catastrophes will engulf the world, especially in Israel and neighboring countries. We are not ignorant of the hardship that awaits us in the run-up to the establishment of the Millennial Kingdom. His promises of sustenance and protection are more than sufficient for us. Psalm 91 is a treasure trove of promises that we claim daily.
  10. The USA will enforce the papacy’s dreadful mark of the beast. 
  11. There is much confusion and nonsense being spread by institutional Christianity regarding the New Covenant versus the Old Covenant. We do not agree that the New Covenant connotes an entirely new law that was promulgated by Yahushua in direct opposition to the Torah, which underpins the Old Covenant. Such teachings are sheer falsehoods, to say the least, if not totally destructive if believed and acted upon. A careful study of Jeremiah 31, 32, 33, Ezekiel 36, and Hebrews 8 shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that the New Covenant is based entirely also on Yahuwah's Torah, and that the only difference between the 2 covenants is the location of where the Torah is placed: in the former, the Torah was recorded on tablets of stone [Deuteronomy 27:8], whereas in the New Covenant the Torah will be written in our hearts, and this writing will take place in the Millennial Kingdom. Today, we have only a partial foretaste of this future event, demonstrated by the downpayment of the divine Spirit [Ephesians 1:14-16] that the believer receives upon accepting Yahushua's death for his/her sins. This downpayment of the Spirit brings about a positive change and a new direction in the life of the believer but is not the promised fulfillment of the New Covenant. We have to wait till the ushering of the Millennial Kingdom to receive the full promise and benefits of the New Covenant, at which time Yahuwah will eradicate the sinful nature, and the believers will be incapable of sinning again. {Ezekiel 36:26-27].

The above teachings are inviolable for us and not subject to negotiation or compromise, but are not exhaustive of what we believe in. They represent the foundation upon which we rest our faith.

We are eager to find out any minister that will see eye to eye with us on the above. We would love to promote all sermons/teachings of such a minister through our shortwave radio program and WLC radio application. So far, we have promoted many sermons by ministers when the truth in a particular sermon does not violate any of the above-listed basic teachings. However, most of their other sermons deviate from the above teachings in flagrant ways. This is why we are requesting you to help us find any minister that agrees with all of the above. It will be our utmost delight to know such ministers to bond with them so that we can jointly hasten the final events [2 Peter 3:11-12] and the establishment of Yahuwah's eternal kingdom on our flat earth. We yearn for the era when the nations of the earth will be ruled by Yahushua with an iron rod [Revelation 2:27], to put an end to all the misery and corruption that permeates the world today. 

We know that this precious promise will be fulfilled just before the establishment of Yahuwah’s eternal kingdom:

Your watchmen shall lift up their voices,
For they shall see eye to eye
When the Lord brings back Zion.
(Isaiah 52:8)

May our hearts' desire for joining forces with other faithful servants of Yahuwah be fulfilled, through your assistance. If you know of such a minister please let us know by sending us a message through this link.