The Truth that Sets Us Free

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The Truth that Sets Us Free

Lately I’ve heard a number of people wonder how it is that the true gospel of the coming Kingdom of Yahuwah can actually change lives. How is it that this particular message is the one by which salvation comes? These are good questions. It is the purpose of this article to attempt an answer as to why there is such power in the Kingdom gospel when believed, and to encourage our diligence toward this faith that was once delivered.

Yahuwah created man from the dust of the ground, breathed life into him, and he became a living being (soul, Gen. 2:7). Please take careful note that the physical man doesn’t have a soul, the physical man is a soul. The Creator then set His children on the path to their Yahuwah-given destiny —to rule the earth (Gen. 1:28). The tree of life would sustain them. Thousands of years later the prophet-king David corroborated that this was indeed man’s destiny in Psalm 8:3-8.


Around one thousand years later in the New Testament, the author of Hebrews reminds us that although we have not yet attained to that destiny, we will do so in the age to come (see 2:1-8). And finally, after being reassured in Revelation 5:10 that physical human beings who are raised from their graves and given transformed spiritual bodies will one day reign on the earth, we come to the last chapter of the Bible where man reaches his Yahuwah-appointed destiny and the tree of life returns to the picture as active on the earth, healing the nations (Rev. 22:1-2).

Of course, there is a whole lot of detail to fill in the story, especially the fact that Yahushua the Christ announced this coming Kingdom of Yahuwah, was killed for doing so, and was raised from the dead in order to confirm that he is the one ordained by Yahuwah to usher in that Kingdom, that new creation. The point here is that this message of Yahuwah’s coming Kingdom and the things concerning Yahushua the Messiah relative to that Kingdom are what constitute the gospel — the revelation of Yahuwah’s purpose for mankind and His plan for accomplishing that purpose. Men and women have a Yahuwah-given glory that will one day be fully bestowed on them (2 Cor. 3:18; 1 John 3:2).

You see, the message from Yahuwah through the gospel is clear; physical human beings made from the dust of the ground do have what it takes in the eyes of their Creator/Father to successfully administer the affairs of His creation from within a Father/child relationship with Him. Of course, this success first necessitates that Yahuwah’s children believe the message that supports this program. For we know that if children in general don’t believe that their parents truly think they are inherently “good” as they are (needing to grow and mature of course), they will become fearful and dysfunctional in their lives. This is simply the nature of the human mind. Sin follows disbelief. It was designed to be this way. This necessity for belief in the parent’s positive assessment of core worth and lovability is at the heart of every child’s ability to successfully mature and grow into what he or she was created to be. If you don’t start out from this place, the intended result will not be achieved. Somehow, you must get back to this starting point. A child (or adult)father and son who starts out from this place has the best opportunity to mature successfully and become all of what he or she was born to be. Again, this is by design. This same principle of Father/child relationship is the heart of what makes things work in our relationship with Yahuwah and our ability to secure the destiny and glory for which He created us. That’s why the gospel, or “the word of the kingdom, or simply “the word,” is the power of Yahuwah to salvation for all who believe (compare Matt. 13:19; Mark 4:14; Luke 8:11). It is in this message that Yahuwah declares confidence in the pinnacle of His creation — His physical, human children. On the very words of this gospel message there rests the energizing power of the holy spirit to reorient a person’s life, based on belief in it (1 Thess. 2:13). By Yahuwah’s design, this is how the human mind works.

Unfortunately, disbelief in this message from Yahuwah has been the driving force behind mankind’ s collective dysfunction and sinful tendencies since the beginning. Take a look at what happened very soon after our Parent’s simple encouragement for us to go forward in faith. In Genesis 3 is the brief account of how disbelief, followed by disobedience, crept in through the subtle deception of our enemy the devil. Essentially we have the children being led to believe that they needed to be something more than human in order to be acceptable in Yahuwah’s eyes. Supposedly, through the acquisition of spiritually discerned knowledge, they would not be limited to life in a physical body. They were misinformed that they would “not surely die” (Gen. 3:1-5) by disbelieving Yahuwah’s message and disobeying. The physical body might die, but life would apparently go on in some kind of “spirit” realm. And sure enough, in various forms, the doctrine of an “immortal soul” has become so universally accepted that it can be said to be the foundation of what is essentially a single world religious system built on justification through false philosophical knowledge. This is the very antithesis of justification by the biblical “obedience of faith” (Rom. 1:5; 16:26) through the Parental grace of our Father. The false system sends the subtle message that physical human beings aren’t good enough after all to reach their Yahuwah- given destiny, and it has thereby had a stunting effect on the spiritual growth of Yahuwah’s children. Going to heaven (or hell) via an immortal soul is not only biblically incorrect, but it is damaging to the mind and heart of Yahuwah’ s children. Only the good news of Yahuwah’s coming Kingdom and the resurrection of dead physical human beings to administer in the Kingdom can act as a corrective force to mend the human mind and heart.


As many of our readers know, at the foundation of this immortal soul doctrine is the idea that the physical is “bad,” or at the very least less preferable than the immaterial soul inhabiting the body, which is supposedly “good.” The “real” person in this imagined scenario is this eternal/immortal soul, whereas the body is just the inferior outer casing temporarily housing that soul. This is a Greek philosophical notion, foreign to the Bible, and standing in the way of spiritual progress. It has the effect of holding human beings captive to sin, being destructive to the physical human children of Yahuwah who were created in His image. It sends the message “You don’t have what it takes” to the carbon-based children whom Yahuwah designed to need His positive Parental affirmation of their inherent worth and lovability. But the truth is that we are valuable as created, because we are created in Yahuwah’s image, and simply because our Father says it is so. Now that’s perfect grace, the grace of a Father toward His children! How simple, practical, logical, and yet amazing! And how powerful a message for the human mind and heart!

This material/immaterial dualism of man is not found in the revelation that comes to us from Yahuwah via the Hebrew scripture, either in the old or new testaments. The Bible declares over and over again that man is a soul, and that this soul (physical being) dies (Ezek. 18:20; Matt. 10:28). At death, each person sleeps until their physical body is raised from the grave and given a new immortal, glorified body. Again, the message of Yahuwah is that that which is physical/material is “good”; whereas the message of false religion from the beginning is that the material is “not good enough.” Children cannot operate successfully, nor mature appropriately, under the latter belief system. They become fearful, competing, jealous, envious, adulterous, and even murderous siblings from within this system. The spirit of Yahuwah will not operate in a mind or a world that is based on this kind of belief (which is actually “unbelief”).

man with lightThat is why the gospel of the Kingdom of Yahuwah is the truth that can begin to set men and women free of sin and lawlessness (John 8:32; Luke 4:18). There is only one antidote for what ails us, and that’s this Kingdom gospel message. In a world filled with darkness, it is the one penetrating light of hope for salvation and healing.

Yahushua seemed to be predicting that when he returns to earth he would scarcely find “the faith” still on earth (Luke 18:8). As it turns out, he seems to have been right. But to those who have believed he will say “Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world” (Matt. 25:34).

Note: The concept of the Trinity which declares that Yahushua, the son of Yahuwah, is an eternal being who pre-existed his human birth is a naturally out-flowing companion doctrine to that of the immortal soul. Once again, we are asked (even compelled by threats of excommunication) to believe that being human isn’t good enough. That’s why this teaching and belief is so dangerous to human beings and to their spiritual maturation process.

This is a non-WLC article written by Robin Todd.

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