Day of Atonement

Day of Atonement


The plan of salvation encompassed much more than gifting repentant sinners with eternal life. It was to salvage the human race: to restore into the human soul the very nature and character of the Creator Himself. In order to do this, more needed to be done than just forgiving past sins. The very mind and soul of the individual needed to be cleansed and re-created into the image of the divine mind. This is the work that is done in the human heart on Day of Atonement.

The purpose of the atonement is at-one-ment. The fallen human nature, bearing the image of Satan, is to be brought back to being at-one with the Father. This plan was of such importance that it is the last prayer given by the Saviour recorded in scripture before He entered the Garden of Gethsemane where He was betrayed. Yahushua knew the time for His death had come. He wanted His disciples to know of the high destiny awaiting all who will surrender to this act of re-creation. One-ness with the Father and the Son! This is the high calling of everyone who will accept the invitation to come and be forgiven, cleansed and restored. On the Day of Atonement, the sins that have been transferred to the heavenly sanctuary by the blood of Yahushua shed in our place, are removed. The sinner may stand before Yahuwah Elohim as though he had never sinned.

Moreover, the damage that sin has done to the brain, is healed. Complete recovery from sin is the plan for Day of Atonement. The importance of the heart-work done in the days leading up to Day of Atonement is understood here. Only sins that have been confessed and forsaken will be blotted out on Day of Atonement. No cherished sin, clung to because it feels good and no one will ever know anyway, will be blotted out.

The blotting out of sins is a most precious gift. It recreates the neural pathways of the brain to what they were before the individual became addicted to that beloved pet sin. The person may be tempted again, because grace must always be tested. But in the mind that has been cleansed and restored, there is no driving emotional need to engage in the old habits and behaviors. The power of sin has been broken in the life and the person is restored to where he or she would have been had the sin never been indulged in the first place.

Romans explains this process. Sinners, enslaved to Satan, are freed from the chains of inherited and cultivated sin through faith in the Son of Yah. The love of the Almighty for sinners is seen on the Day of Atonement as He, against whom all have sinned, embraces, forgives, cleanses and restores His repentant child.
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