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Challenge to SDAs

At WLC, we have arrived at the sad and inescapable conclusion that the leaders of the SDA church, especially those at the very top, are fully infiltrated and compromised by Rome’s diabolical Jesuits. The evidence for this conclusion is overwhelming and can’t be overlooked by any sincere follower of Yahuwah in these last days.

Jesuit logo and SDA logoTo help you, as an SDA, see this fact for yourself, we have the following challenge for you:

Find a single publication published by the General Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists or by any entity that is fully owned and operated by the GC post 1990 in which the Antichrist of the Bible is identified as the papal system of Rome, or in which the “come out of her, my people” call is given to those that are members of the Roman Catholic Church. Please share with us such a publication if you are able to find it. Post the evidence in the comments section below. This is our challenge to every sincere SDA, who is still not aware that his beloved church has fully surrendered to the Pope of Rome many decades ago, and has tragically become a harlot daughter of "the Mother of Harlots."

If you desire to investigate the basis for our claim regarding the full surrender of the SDA Church to Rome, please visit this resource, which was created for your diligent study and prayerful investigation.

May Father Yahuwah strengthen you to become a true Berean, and heed His last call of mercy before it is too late! May your loyalty to Him be greater than your loyalty to an organization that has made peace with Yahuwah’s archenemy, is our prayer for you.

In His Love and Service,
The WLC Team.

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