Doesn't Jeremiah 10:1-4 condemn Christmas trees?

Despite the remarkable parallel between verses 3-4 with the Christmas tree, at least in the English translation, the context makes it clear that this is a description of making a wooden idol or image that is enlaid with precious metal for worship. There would be no direct application to the Christmas tree, although the text can be seen as a condemnation of pagan, idolatrous practices in general.

A more direct application to Christmas would be verse two, where the word "customs" in English translates the word khuqqoth in Hebrew, a word which is often used in the Hebrew Scriptures for annual holidays. We do not know the date of Yahushua's birth and in scripture, there is no example, requirement, or even any suggestion to celebrate it. Using Yahuwah's original Luni-solar Calendar (http://www.worldslastchance. com/luni-solar-calendar-guide.html), we know the precise dating of the Biblical New Moons and Sabbaths along with all the annual feasts, which we should now focus on and celebrate. We can make those much more joyous occasions than others make of Christmas. People who want to keep to a Biblical faith do not make non-Biblical holiday affairs of great importance, especially if there are pagan connotations involved.

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