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For your enjoyment...

The Storm 19 pt 3

Evening closed in and the cool night air sent everyone inside. Maddie and Elijah were so delighted to have such a house full of love and the sweetness of fellowship with all who had come. Athena picked up Zachariah sweeping him into her arms and waltzed throughout the living room with him while she sang with a beautiful soprano voice, “Lord you are everything to me – you have given me everlasting peace – forever I will sing my praise to you forever you are my life – All that I am or will ever be – all comes from you my Lord this I see – that all I need I find right here with you – you are the shelter from the storm. Through rains and cold you keep me warm – you are the one who lights my way – you are the one that I am looking for – Lord you are the light in my heart each day. Forever I will walk with you – I look for you I seek your face – Lord on my knees I will humbly pray- to you my God – my King – to you my God m i i i i ah King....
by Hubert Rondeau
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