Certainly God has protected His seventh-day Sabbath over the past 6,000 years from its seven-day cycle being lost. Don’t you believe He can and has preserved it?

Answer:I totally agree with you that Yahuwah has protected His seventh-day Sabbath, and that He would never loose sight of it. However, He did not leave its care to the Jews. The Jews were not capable of keeping track of His holy Sabbath. Yahuwah set up the Sabbath as the ultimate test that displayed their faithfulness to Him. When they were not faithful, Yahuwah disciplined them by causing them to go into captivity where they were subject to the laws of these gentile nations. Within in a very short time they would loose track of how to locate the seventh-day Sabbath.

At the time of the Exodus a most profound piece of evidence occurs and is recorded in Scripture. It has been discovered that beginning in the month of Abib, the very month of the Exodus, Yahuwah outlines the parameters of His year, His month, His weeks, and His days. The evidence shows that each year the first month is identical to the year before. This same evidence shows that the second month is identical to the year before, as well. Meaning that the first and second month both begin on the same day and the seventh-day Sabbaths fall on the same days of the month for two months in a row. Therefore if this is true, then each year there would be two identical months in a row that display the count of the week refreshing each month, and does not display an unbroken chain of successive weeks since creation. Two identical months in a row are only possible with the Roman Gregorian calendar once every four years, during the months of January and February, on a leap year.

With all this said what if this same Exodus account could produce evidence for three identical months in a row?