Hasn’t Saturday continued to be the seventh-day Sabbath since the time of Moses, even all the way back to the creation week, without interruption?

Response: The belief that the Gregorian calendar has been in step with the weeks of the Scriptures has been assumed by the whole world for the past 1700 years.  The fact that Yahuwah revealed to the early Adventists that the seventh-day was the Sabbath, was the first step in restoring His true calendation and true Sabbath.  Notice that Yahuwah had allowed the world to keep Sunday, a counterfeit Sabbath, as the holy day for a full 1600 years before He began to restore it in the mid 1800’s.  Therefore it is another “assumption” to believe that He would not allow us to continue to keep the wrong day holy for a mere 150 years.

As you are aware the Scriptures themselves define the parameters of the Holy things of Yahuwah, as He passed down to us through His prophets.

Leviticus gives us the details and parameters for His Holy Feast days, whether you believe they need to be kept or not, are paramount in giving Yahuwah’s layout for locating His true seventh-day Sabbath.

As you know the spring feast of Passover beginning on the evening of the 14th is followed by a seventh-day Sabbath on the 15th of Abib, every year.  In addition the fall feast of Tabernacles begins on the 15th of Tisrei, which is also identified by Yahuwah as a seventh-day Sabbath and High Sabbath, each and every year.  This means that this same sequence of calendation timing, was not just for a single year, but for all time, past, present and future.

Adventism has rightly taught that Yahushua fulfilled this same time centric criteria in every detail.  So, we know that the same details defining the appointed time for the feasts and seventh-day Sabbath in the days of Moses was the same as in the days of Yahushua.  But amazingly, down here in 2009, not only do we teach that the feasts on every level are no longer obligatory, but we teach that the Hebrew calendar is no longer binding or of none affect.  Inadvertently, by doing this Adventism is not able and/or willing to see the need for following the Luni-solar calendar, and thus miss entirely the ability to keep the correct seventh-day Sabbath.

This last point can be emphasized by the overwhelming evidence that the Roman Gregorian calendar cannot meet both the placement of the day of the week, as well as the date of the month of the Scriptural criteria.  This applies to only the spring feast, or only the fall feast separately for more than 1 year and never for two years in a row.  However, the greatest and most profound evidence regarding the placement of the feasts given to Moses, and kept perfectly by Yahushua is the fact that it is impossible using the Roman Gregorian calendar to connect the Spring feast of Unleavened bread to the fall Feast of Tabernacles with an “unbroken chain of successive weeks.”

It simply can never happen, ever.  In light of Scripture’s weight of evidence, the concept of “unbroken successive weeks” since creation is proven false. This is one of the pinnacle Scriptural tests for the true calendar and the true seventh-day Sabbath.