How can you be certain of your prophecy interpretations?

It is not a dauntless task to determine whether a certain interpretation of Bible prophecy is correct or not. Yahuwah, out of keen desire that we understand His prophecies, has given the necessary keys for unlocking the symbolism used in His prophecies. But those keys are not concentrated in one part of the Bible. But rather they are spread through out the whole Bible.

It is not hard to figure out Yahuwah’s rationale for resorting to this method. He knows that humans will be blessed by the study of His word. There is power in His word, when believed and acted upon. And to help us dig deep in His word, He hid the keys necessary for unlocking the symbolism used in the prophecies through out the Bible. So, a student of Bible prophecy is compelled to dig deep into the Bible and not overlook any portion of the whole Bible to discover those necessary keys for unlocking the symbolism used in the prophecy he wishes to understand.

We are certain of our interpretation of Bible prophecy as shared with the world in the articles found in our website because we unlocked every symbol by the Yahuwah-provided keys found in the Bible. This fact gives the assurance. It is easy to spot erroneous interpretations of Bible prophecy when you are familiar with Bible keys for unlocking symbolism. Please review the article again and see how we have come to understand the important Bible prophecy of Revelation 13 about the Beast and his Image by using the Bible keys for interpretation.

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