Mark of the Beast

The mark of the beast will not be some sort of chip inserted in the body, or some sort of card. But we do believe that such methods will be used in implementing the mark of the beast.

“If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand." Revelation 14:9.

Now let us interpret the verse:

Beast: The Roman Catholic Church/system

Image of the Beast: The USA, Protestantism adopting the same coercive methods of the papacy.

Worship: Is to honor something out of real conviction, or out of convenience sake, just to gain acceptance by others, though at heart you are against it.

The Bible signifies two different methods of receiving the mark of the beast, either in the forehead or the hand:

Hand: The hand here signifies work. I will receive the mark of the beast on my hand if I am not convinced that Sunday is the day of worship but I am going along with it so that I can buy and sell. I am convinced at heart that it is against the will of Yahuwah to honor the false day, but for convenience sake, and to avoid the harassment of people, deprivation, famine, rejection of people, etc… I choose to succumb to the pressure and honor Sunday, not out of conviction but out of convenience. I opt for the easy way, thus dishonoring Yahuwah.

Forehead: The forehead contains the forebrain which is the part of the brain that judges and takes decisions. The mark of the beast is received in my forehead, if I remain adamantly convinced that Sunday is the day of worship. Though I have been presented with evidence showing that absence of any Bible support for Sunday worship, yet I have put the authority of man over Yahuwah.

So the mark of the beast is the act of Sunday worship when Sunday laws will be enforced.