Sunday Blue Laws

Many people believe that laws limiting religious freedom will never exist in the United States. They already exist. Sunday Blue Laws in the United States are living proof.

A blue law, in the United States and Canada, is a type of law designed to enforce moral standards, particularly the observance of Sunday as a day of worship or rest.

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that Sunday laws are not unconstitutional or discriminatory. This opens the way for all the present confused, contradictory local state laws to be replaced by a national law that will standardize the enforcement of Sunday all over America.

With the incredible strides being taken toward federal control of individual freedoms, this step to regulate the day of worship will not seem so drastic when it actually does take place.

Sunday Blue Laws have been a part of the US government earlier in history and now the Moral Majority Movement has been pushing hard to reenact them back into the government.

Numerous counties in the U.S. still have Sunday Blue Laws (e.g. Bergen County, NJ right up on the border of New York, Forty Counties in South Carolina). Eight states still have statewide Sunday blue laws. Also outside of the United States Nova Scotia has voted to retain their blue laws and numerous countries in Europe, for example, Germany.

Sunday Blue Laws are an example of the actual possibility of the United States implementing laws that address religious beliefs and restrict them. Many people believe that this is impossible in the light of the Constitution, but the facts are there and already existent. Bible prophecy has already revealed to us that this will take place. You can read all about this in "The New World Order: Forging the Image of the Beast."