Who is behind the New World Order?

The power that is behind the-soon-to be-formed New World Order is Yahuwah's arch enemy. He wishes to gain full control of the world before waging his last battle with our Master, just before Yahuwah's close of probation. To this end, the more consolidated the powers of the world are, the easier it is for Satan to exercise total control of the world. Hence, the consolidations and mergers that keep taking place in the business world, and the emerging regional trading blocks, which help in reducing the number of power brokers in the world is indeed the fulfillment of Bible prophecy. This consolidation in the number of power players will help Satan in enforcing the Universal Sunday Law with minimum resistance. Satan never reveals his true plans and intentions. His earthly agents always speak in terms that are endearing and misleading, such as peace and equality, so that the people get deceived and buy into Satan's master plan for world control.

When the world will become a one entity, then it becomes easier for Satan to push his agenda. This is the essence of the New World Order, and the USA and the Papacy are his earthly agents for bringing it about; through the united efforts of a one temporal super power [USA], coupled with one religious super power [papacy]. There are no other earthly powers that would be better alternatives for Satan's plans than the USA and Papacy.

At World's Last Chance we aim to expose and reveal Satan's plans, and the earthly tools he is using for bringing about this New World Order, so that His people will be better informed and prepared for the impending world crisis.

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