New World Order

The New World Order will be manifested to all people in the success of Satan in forcing the whole world to impose a Universal Sunday Law, to enforce Sunday worship. In order for Satan to enforce such a unique law even in countries that would seem most hostile to a law of this nature, its champions [the USA in close collaboration with Vatican] will present it under the pretext of the necessity and importance of honoring Yahuwah. As the world will be overwhelmed with intractable problems and calamties that would exceed the ability of world leaders to tackle and address. It would appear as prudent to do whatever it takes to enlist the help of 'heaven.' Hence, the develish idea of the Universal Sunday Law will appear as the right step to undertake to 'appease' Yahuwah, to restore lost prosperity and world peace.

But in truth such a law will be in defiance of Yahuwah's ordained day of worship, and will split the whole world into two camps: commandment breakers, and commandment keepers. Satan will not be content with mere passage of this law, but will aim to force the inhabitants of earth to comply with it through resorting to a system of escalating punishments that will include a no buy and sell for any violators. Finally a death decree will be issued for those who insist on keeping the Master's Sabbath. However, those who will succumb to the worldwide pressures of the Universal Sunday Law will receive the fearful Mark of the Beast

This predicted change in world affairs is not the figment or our imagination at World's Last Chance. The essence of the New World Order has been foretold in the Book of Revelation. It is His love in our hearts which compel us as a Team to share with the world the foretold imminent change that will engulf all the inhabitants of earth, and the decision of each living soul in reaction to his Universal Sunday Law will determine its ultimate destiny: eternal life or eternal damnation.

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