Universal Sunday Law

At World's Last Chance we firmly believe that the Roman Catholic Church will return to unprecedented prominence, as its wound inflicted in 1798 will soon be completely healed. This will trigger the final battle in the Great Controversy, which has been going on between our Master, Yahushua the Anointed, and Satan for the last 6000 years. The USA will, meanwhile, cement its ties with the Papacy and will be most proactive in fulfilling the pope's mandate: a Universal Sunday Law, for the purpose of gaining back lost prosperity, solving the world's most intractable problems, and securing world peace. The Eighth beast [Pope Francis ] will present this demand as a divine will, a roadmap towards world peace and prosperity.

Hence, the Universal Sunday Law will result in making the the Sabbath the focal point of controversy in the final conflict which will immediately precede the return of Yahushua. In this impending conflict we will see religious and secular authorities combine forces to enforce the observance of Sunday . The Protestant churches of the USA will join forces with the powers of the Beast, thereby forming the "Image to the Beast" . At this time, the conflict that will develop will engulf the whole world, and the central issue will be obedience to Yahuwah's law or observance of the false Sabbath. When the issue will become crystal clear in the mind of every inhabitant on earth, then his/her decision will determine whether the fearful "Mark of Beast" would be received or not.


Praise His name, there will a small minority which will not receive the Mark of the Beast , for they will refuse to yield to this worldwide pressure resulting from the Universal Sunday Law. However, they will become the objects of universal execration. Furthermore, it will be argued by the religious puppets of Rome that this minority should not be tolerated; and in the interest of the well being of the overwhelming majority, a decree should be issued against those who are insisting on keeping the Fourth Commandment condemning them to death after the passage of certain time of probation. History will be repeated. Yahuwah's faithful servants then [for the last time] will be subjected to the same tyranny and fate experienced by millions of His people in the past ages, at the hands of the Papacy, which will strangely be aided this time [as foretold in prophecy] by apostate Protestantism.

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