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The Spirit of Prophecy eCourse

The Spirit of Prophecy eCourse

The online Spirit of Prophecy course examines a vital issue to Yahushua's followers: the ways by which Yahuwah continues to guide His church. It examines the prophetic gifts from Scripture's point of view. It follows the lives and messages of a number of post-Biblical figures of whom claims to divine guidance have been made, evaluating such claims in the light of Bible principles in regard to the gift of prophecy. It examines the details of Ellen White's ministry and her role in encouraging believers and establishing doctrine.  Because her writings were pivotal in the establishing of the 25 beliefs on the WLC website, this course also examines the criticism of her ministry and writings. {10 lessons: 250 WLC Points}.

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  • Spirit of Prophecy eCourse
  • { 10 lessons: 250 points }
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