Russia's victory over Ukraine
Russia will have a decisive victory over Ukraine and the collective west. Ignore mainstream perennial anti-Russia hatred propaganda, and pay close attention to what Prophet Ezekiel foretold us 2600 years ago under divine inspiration about the ultimate fate of Russia. It will be in the mountains of Israel when Yahuwah inflicts a fatal defeat and a terminal blow to Russia and its allied forces [Turkey, Iran, Sudan, and Libya]. This war on the nation of Israel that Russia will soon wage against Israel is not to be confused with the battle of Armageddon, which the antichrist will orchestrate. Click here to listen to this critical Bible study by Keith Malcomson on this timely subject.
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eCourses Completion Status

Signs That His Coming Is Near

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    • No
    • Yes
    • Unrest and upheaval.
    • Increase of knowledge.
    • Great famines.
    • A great drop in the crime rate.
    • Moral degeneracy.
    • Craze for pleasure.
    • Lower divorce rate.
    • Falling away from Bible truth.
    • Fewer earthquakes, storms, etc.
    • Strife between capital and labor.
    • The world will get better and better.
    • For worse
    • For better
    • Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of Yahuwah.
    • Ever learning, and able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
    • Lovers of truth more than lovers of pleasure.
    • Workers for Yahuwah will be plenty.
    • Lack of faith will increase.
    • Churchgoers will increase.
    • Fruit of the spirit will manifest in the churches.
    • Lack of love will increase.
    • The gospel shall be preached in all the world.
    • 1798
    • 1260
    • 1335
    • In the middle of tribulation
    • Before
    • After
    • They will convert all the world to Christianity.
    • False Christs and false prophets will arise all around the world and do great miracles and wonders.
    • False Christs will only show up in Jerusalem.
    • Antichrist
    • Scoffers
    • Virgin Mary
    • The moon falling to the earth.
    • The falling stars of November 1833.
    • The dark day of 1780.
    • Haley's comet.
    • No man can know the day and the hour of Yahushua's coming.
    • We are not to watch for the signs of His coming
    • As leaves appear in the fig tree in spring indicating that summer is near, so the signs of the times confirm Yahushua's soon coming.
    • No man can tell the nearness of Yahushua's coming.
    • Yahushua is sure to come in 2013.
    • Many concede that the earth cannot last any longer, humans are depleting all resources and humanity will not be able to exist any longer.
    • Because so many people believe that Yahushua is coming soon, even people from different religions.
    • Revelation 17 reveals that we are living under 'eighth king', the last pope - Francis I.
    • The animals will be saved before his return as they were in the ark.
    • Because the flood took the wicked by surprise in spite of the obvious signs preceding it.
    • Because the condition of sin warranted total destruction on the earth.
    • The world will be destroyed by a flood.
    • Will faith be seen in the church?
    • Will the world be increased with faith?
    • Shall He find faith on the earth?
    • Amen
    • No