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eCourses Completion Status

Signs That His Coming Is Near

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    • No
    • Yes
    • Unrest and upheaval.
    • Increase of knowledge.
    • Great famines.
    • A great drop in the crime rate.
    • Moral degeneracy.
    • Craze for pleasure.
    • Lower divorce rate.
    • Falling away from Bible truth.
    • Fewer earthquakes, storms, etc.
    • Strife between capital and labor.
    • The world will get better and better.
    • For worse
    • For better
    • Lovers of pleasure more than lovers of Yahuwah.
    • Ever learning, and able to come to the knowledge of the truth.
    • Lovers of truth more than lovers of pleasure.
    • Workers for Yahuwah will be plenty.
    • Lack of faith will increase.
    • Churchgoers will increase.
    • Fruit of the spirit will manifest in the churches.
    • Lack of love will increase.
    • The gospel shall be preached in all the world.
    • 1798
    • 1260
    • 1335
    • In the middle of tribulation
    • Before
    • After
    • They will convert all the world to Christianity.
    • False Christs and false prophets will arise all around the world and do great miracles and wonders.
    • False Christs will only show up in Jerusalem.
    • Antichrist
    • Scoffers
    • Virgin Mary
    • The moon falling to the earth.
    • The falling stars of November 1833.
    • The dark day of 1780.
    • Haley's comet.
    • No man can know the day and the hour of Yahushua's coming.
    • We are not to watch for the signs of His coming
    • As leaves appear in the fig tree in spring indicating that summer is near, so the signs of the times confirm Yahushua's soon coming.
    • No man can tell the nearness of Yahushua's coming.
    • Yahushua is sure to come in 2013.
    • The animals will be saved before his return as they were in the ark.
    • Because the flood took the wicked by surprise in spite of the obvious signs preceding it.
    • Because the condition of sin warranted total destruction on the earth.
    • The world will be destroyed by a flood.
    • Will faith be seen in the church?
    • Will the world be increased with faith?
    • Shall He find faith on the earth?
    • Amen
    • No