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Antichrist Unmasked

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    • Not yet
    • Yes
    • Not sure
    • True
    • False
    • The president of the USA.
    • Atheism.
    • A demon-possessed super-intelligent man.
    • Islam.
    • The Catholic system headed by the pope.
    • A genetically-engineered super-human clone.
    • The devil taking control of the world through the United Nations.
    • Fierce animal
    • Different religion
    • Kingdom
    • Ten kings
    • Ten eras
    • Ten lepers
    • Israel
    • Italy
    • China
    • Babylon
    • Media-Persia
    • USA
    • Egypt
    • Greece
    • Rome
    • Antiochus Epiphanes
    • Rome
    • The Catholic church
    • Satan
    • Yahushua
    • Claims to have power to change Yahuwah's law.
    • Hides Yahuwah's law.
    • Exhalts Yahuwah's law.
    • Possesses divine authority to interpret and change Yahuwah's law.
    • Ten tribes
    • Three tribes
    • One tribe
    • The church is pro-life.
    • That Mary is the mother of the Anointed Yahushua.
    • The pope isYahuwah's representative on earth.
    • The Catholic priests have the authority to forgive men's sins.
    • All who do not take communion commit the unpardonable sin.
    • The priests have the power to create the flesh of their Creator, Yahushua, during communion.
    • 1290 years
    • 1260 years
    • 1335 years
    • By believing the the U.N. is a good organisation.
    • By having a church in the USA.
    • By believing that the number 666 represents the antichrist here on earth.
    • Almost all churches today teach the trinity which destroys the identity of the Father and the Son (see 1 John 2:22).
    • This not true.
    • The observance of Sunday is a homage all churches pay to the Catholic church who orginated this teaching that is contrary to Yahuwah's law.
    • All or denominational churches are with the Roman Catholic Church members of the Christian World Communion, which is an ecumenical entity.