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The Image Of The Beast

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    • The Catholic Church
    • The USA
    • The two-horned lamb-like beast
    • A beast that comes out from the sea
    • The devil
    • All fallen churches who submit to Sunday Laws
    • A beast that looks like a leopard, bear and lion
    • The USA
    • The Catholic Church
    • Islam
    • A beast that looks like a dragon
    • A beast that speaks like a dragon
    • He will convert the whole world
    • He will do great wonders, as great as making fire to come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of all
    • He will address the UN in session
    • He will be inspired by the Catholic church to persuade the governments to enforce Sunday Laws based on the Gregorian calendar & IDL and reject Yahuwah’s original Luni-solar calendar with its true Sabbaths.
    • To stop attending church on Sunday
    • To worship Yahuwah
    • To listen to the Catholic church
    • To keep Sunday holy
    • To fight terrorism
    • To keep the commandments of Yahuwah
    • To obey her constitution
    • The International Dateline & the Gregorian Calendar
    • America enforcing martial laws
    • The Catholic church enforcing Sunday laws
    • The Gregorian Calendar & International Dateline enforced by The USA.
    • The antichrist pretending to be Yahushua and deceiving the entire world
    • The catholic church dominating the world
    • The headquarters of the Catholic Church being transferred to Jerusalem
    • All the power of the second beast
    • As much power as the Catholic church had during the Dark Ages
    • The international Date Line [IDL] and the Gregorian calendar are established & the separation between church and state is fast disappearing
    • Protestant leaders are showing increasing respect to the pope
    • The Catholic church is secretly gaining control of Jerusalem
    • Catholics are increasing in power in the US government
    • The US elections are a fraud
    • The pope is hated by moslems
    • No, America will soon speak like a dragon and enforce religious dogma that directly opposes the Constitution.
    • Yes, the constitution protects individual freedom
    • Left wing and right wing
    • Republicanism and Protestantism
    • Civil and religious laws
    • The nation will arise from a land that is sparsely populated
    • A pope will be resurrected from the earth
    • A nation that will suddenly rise to great prominence