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Daniel Chapter 12 Lesson

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    • A thousand years of peace on earth
    • The success of the Papacy in bringing love to all humankind
    • The time of trouble, the deliverance of the saints, and the second coming of Yahushua
    • The resurrection of Yahushua
    • Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
    • Mary and Joseph
    • Constantine and Pope Sylvester
    • Michael and Gabriel
    • When would the second coming of Christ take place
    • When would Nebuchadnezzar be resurrected
    • When would the temple of Jerusalem be rebuilt
    • When would the Soviet Union fall
    • A little less than four years from the beginning of the time of trouble
    • In Yahuwah’s own time
    • No man knows the day nor the hour
    • Seven thousand years from the time of the creation
    • He was happy with that and thanked Michael, or Christ, for the information
    • He went to his rest to stand in the last days
    • He wanted more specific details of the time
    • He started counting up the length of the reigns of the Persian kings
    • 1335 days
    • Three and a half years exactly
    • 2300 days
    • 49 weeks
    • A new pope would be crowned
    • The saints would be delivered from the death decree and the time of trouble
    • Yahuwah will have mercy and not bring plagues on the earth after all
    • The thousand years of peace will begin
    • The thousand years of peace will begin
    • Yahushua will enter the most holy place of the heavenly sanctuary
    • The names of the popes will be blotted out of the book of life
    • Yahushua will come the second time in power and glory
    • I will be resurrected to immortal joy or else live to see Yahushua come to take me to Himself
    • I will be resurrected to shame and despair, to be killed by the brightness of his coming
    • I will sleep in the grave, awaiting my resurrection to judgment, punishment and eternal death
    • I will live for a thousand years of peace on the earth
    • That Michael is Christ
    • That Daniel will stand in his lot on the last day
    • That Yahushua, the Anointed One, is coming soon in glory
    • That the book of Daniel was sealed until the time of the end