Why does it really matter which day I keep as Holy to Yahuwah?

Answer: There is a storm brewing within the ekklesia, synagogue, and mosque alike, because of a discrepancy that has never been reconciled.  With the purest of motives, folks have for hundreds of years been keeping Friday, Saturday, or Sunday holy.  We have all assumed that the Gregorian calendar and its unbroken cycle of successive weeks in use today are identical to the calendar of scripture.  Upon deeper evaluation it has been discovered that they are not the same.  One is man made and the other divine.  By continuing to follow a man made calendation system once the truth has been made known to you, in essence you are choosing who you will serve.  We are told in Matthew 6:24 that – “No one can serve two masters. Either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will be devoted to the one and despise the other.”

In short Yahuwah gave us His Ten Commandments to preserve us from the evil one and keep us pure and holy to Him.  The fourth commandment states in detail that Yahuwah requires us to keep holy to Him, the ordained seventh-day Sabbath.  This does not mean that we are to keep any day in seven holy to Him, but rather a specific day on His specifically designed and ordained calendar.  Yahshua, when speaking to the disciples in Matthew 22:21 said, “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, but to Yahuwah the things that are Yahuwah’s.”  It was none other than Yahuwah who at Creation placed the great clock in the heavens.  He appointed and advanced upon the sun, moon and stars to reckon all units of time.  So when He asks us to keep sacred and holy to Him the seventh-day, he means explicitly the seventh-day on His appointed calendar that He instituted at Creation, and not a counterfeit calendar created by man.

This will be the final test for all mankind living upon the earth.  The popularity and convenience of the manmade calendar will cause all, both small and great rich and poor to succumb to its bidding.  But those who seek to follow the narrow path of truth at the bidding of the Savior will seek to be in harmony in all things with Scripture.   They will cling to Scripture as the only guide for all things including calendation.

Could the reference in Revelation to “come out of Babylon” apply also to our coming out of a counterfeit calendation system?

If the precise day for worship matters to Yahuwah, and it does, then the calendation system of the Bible must also be considered when calculating His holy seventh-day Sabbath.

Many of our ablest ecclesiastical scholars do not know this.  This knowledge has been all but lost.