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Members Forum

The WLC Team is very pleased to see members engage in lively discussion of the truths being shared on the site. While the forum has been a suitable platform for carrying out such discussions, it has not provided the deserved exposure for these pertinent deliberations.

The videos, articles, eCourses, and other sections at WLC cover all of the topics discussed in the forum. Therefore, WLC has decided to move these discussions from the forum to the comments below the related content. This way, as thousands read and view WLC articles, videos, etc., the comments posted will receive infinitely more exposure.

We do not wish that any would be led to think that WLC does not support lively discussion about the truths we share and uphold. On the contrary, by moving the discussions from the forum to the relative content, we are ensuring that the positions of opposing views will receive far wider exposure. Thus, readers will be able to see all sides of an issue and make up their own minds.

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