Women’s role in the Ekklesia

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Womens role in the Ekklesia

This examines the related and inseparable roles of both men and women in the home and Ekklesia. Yahuwah created us to fulfill His purpose with tremendous blessings, but our cultural mindset has warped our understanding of scripture. In many instances, the roles of the sexes have been reversed. We cannot be at peace until we fulfill Yahuwah’s intended purposes.

Here, we will examine the woman’s position in family and Ekklesia according to scripture. The man’s role will then become very clear, and the inevitable sneers of scoffers, including today’s ‘women’s lib’ movement etc., will fade in the face of the freedom offered in Yahushua.

In the Beginning

Adam/man’s role from the start.

Genesis 1:26.

Elohim made Adam in His image to have dominion over all creation, but there was no ‘help meet’ for him.

Genesis 2:18.

Adam named the creatures, evidencing his authority over them.

Similar examples:- Jacob was renamed Israel, Abram became Abraham, Yahuwah named His son “Yahushua,” parents named their children, Yahushua renamed Simon, Kepha/Peter. Yahuwah named Himself since there was none greater. Man, however, seeks exaltation by renaming Him (Adonai, the Lord, God, etc.).

The solution to Adam’s lack of a ‘help meet’ was - Eve.

Genesis 2:21-24 The woman was and still is Yahuwah’s most excellent gift to man and is to be loved and cherished today as an act of thanksgiving to Yahuwah.

Adam named her “woman” (Hebrew: Isha), Eve (“Chawah”, in Gen. 3:20). She is to be man’s “help meet” and never to have authority over him. We can be sure she didn’t have any problem understanding her purpose. If she fulfills her part, she receives an equal reward (Numbers 31:26-27, 1Sam 30:24)

loving couple

They disobeyed and fell.

Disobedience to Yahuwah brought about the most incredible devastation ever recorded. It compelled the death of Yahuwah’s first begotten Son, Yahushua, for our sins.

Genesis 3:1-15.

Eve began well by quoting Yahuwah’s words, just like Yahushua did in Matthew 4:1-10. However, she succumbed to the temptation that she could rise above her created level and be just like Yahuwah Himself, “like the Most High” (Isaiah 14:14) The world’s devastation has been the result. She “gave also unto her husband with her, and he did eat” Adam had witnessed it all. He failed to take the lead, overrule and nullify her actions in this situation. 1 Timothy 2:14.

Man has a role in begetting children, but the promise of victory over Satan was given to the woman. Yahushua had Yahuwah as His Father because of His virgin birth of a woman. Adam failed to exercise his dominion over the serpent, but Yahushua didn’t yield and although wounded, He overcame all temptations. Hence he was worthy to receive all power and authority (Matt 28:18). Satan may be the ruler of this world, but in Messiah we again have authority over him - Luke 10:19, Colossians 2:12, 2 Timothy 2:11. Sadly, some choose to be Satan’s children - 1 John 3:8-10.

Bearing children of Elohim is Yahuwah’s will for marriage in which men and women must co-operate and not be stumbling blocks. Malachi 2:13-16.

Today’s divorce rate is glaring evidence of our misunderstanding Yahuwah’s will – for a man to be like Yahushua (Ephesians 5:25) and a woman/the Ekklesia, His bride. (Ephesians 5:22). This is to build Yahuwah’s kingdom and destroy the devil’s works.

Genesis 3:16 makes it clear that the woman would remain under the authority of her husband. Adam’s poor decision was punished because he “hearkened (listened) unto the voice of his wife”. (Gen. 3:17-19). However, man’s authority to reverse/overrule decisions of his daughter or wife remains (Numbers 30:3-13)

In scripture the husband is viewed as the “Bah’al” (Hebrew word #1166) or Owner/Master of the wife.

Proverbs 12:4- (KJV) A virtuous <2428> woman <802> [is] a crown <5850> to her husband <1167>: but she that maketh ashamed <954> <8688> [is] as rottenness <7538> in his bones <6106>.

This word that is translated as “husband” is the Hebrew word #1167 “Bah’al” in Strong’s Lexicon means “Master, hence a husband or (fig.) an owner.” It is translated as “owner” 14 times in the KJV.

A man is the “Master/Owner” of his wife, and a righteous husband will treat her with respect/dignity/honor. Yahushua the “bridegroom”, the ekklesia, men, women children, the “bride” He bought with His life: 1 Corinthians 6:19-20. A man’s authority over a woman is as a result of this established fact.

smiling bride

The “New Testament?”

Some claim that in the “New Testament,” a woman is “liberated,” she can play the leadership role in the ekklesia and equal man’s authority in marriage. But there are no “new testament” texts contradicting the “Old Testament.” Instead, there is support:

1 Peter 3:5-6 / Genesis 18:12 Sarah calls Abraham “Adonai,” which means “My Master.” Also, “Sarah obeyed Abraham.” The word “Obeyed” in 1 Peter 3:6 above is Strong’s word #5219. The term “Submissive” is equated with “Obeying.” The man is still in authority.

See also - Colossians 3:18, Titus 2:3, Ephesians 5:22

Men should “lead by example - be like Yahushua, Who didn’t come to be served but to serve!

Ephesians 5:23, 24, 1 Corinthians 11:3

A woman’s role is extremely important/vital. The functions of the man & woman in marriage and the ekklesia are inseparable. Any reversal ultimately results in the same disaster seen in Eden. The whole earth groans because of it.

Silence in the assembly

1 Corinthians 14:34
is one of the more controversial texts because it contradicts our culture of “liberated” women and weak men. The reason that women are to keep silent in the assembly is that they are “to be submissive” to the man. She takes it upon herself to guide the assembly with her question rather than the assembly directed by the men. Men must lead the assembly/family/the world into following Yahuwah’s will.

Women can Sing, Read scripture, and Prophesy.

A woman can sing, read scripture out loud, speak as a prophetess “Thus saith Yahuwah” - but not interrupt the meeting. (1 Corinthians 14:31-32).

1 Corinthians 14:20 Men should be especially sure to be in tune with Yahuwah’s will in all things.

1 Timothy 2: 8-14 gives the principles to be heeded. A woman’s humble heart manifests in mode of dress - with a meek spirit fulfilling Yahuwah’s commands.

family at breakfast

1 Timothy 2:15 Yahuwah blessed woman with bearing and nurturing children.

Handmaidens Blessed of Yahuwah

Luke 1:38, 46
- 48 Miriam/Mary was Yahuwah’s handmaiden. The Greek means “a female slave”. Follow her example and Yahuwah will pour out His Spirit upon you-Acts 2:17-18.

Proud women, claiming to be ‘spirit filled’ choose to lead men in the assembly. Mary never assumed a teaching role. Her humility and submission brought blessing.

The prophetess Deborah

“Women’s lib” movements seek to justify their leadership in the assembly citing Deborah’s story, but she was a prophetess entitling her to declare “Thus saith Yahuwah”.

Judges 4:4-9 describes Barak as ‘the timid’ and Deborah as ‘the positive’ judge.

Judges 5:2-9 Deborah recognized man’s leadership role. She only spoke the word of Yahuwah as a prophetess. Yahuwah brought Barak to overthrow Jabin, and Deborah rejoiced when the leaders took their role.

Yahuwah declared how unfit it is for women to be in the leadership role:

In Isaiah 3:12- children and women are being described as oppressors and rulers. He never intended women to be rulers nor children to be oppressors.

Aquila, Priscilla

Acts 18:24-26
Aquila and Priscilla were a husband and wife team. Nothing indicates that Priscilla left her role as a help-meet and support to her husband.

Were there female apostles?

Romans 16:7
does not justify the women’s lib movement in the assembly. Some say this verse proves Andronicus and Junia are “apostles” and “Junia” is a female. It does not say they were apostles. It says they were ‘of note among the apostles. As in, they were notable in the eyes of the apostles. The Greek grammar supports this understanding. Also, it is unclear whether “Junia” (Grk. Junias) is a masculine or feminine name.

In Yahushua, all are one.

women smiling

Galatians 3:27
Some conclude from this verse that women are ‘equal’ to men in the assembly.

“One in Yahushua” what does it mean?

In John 17:20-21, Yahushua prayed that we would all be “one”. Our oneness with Yahushua and Yahuwah does not make us Their equal.

In 1 Corinthians 11:3, women are NOT inferior to men. All are spiritually equal in the eyes of Yahuwah. They simply have different roles/duties.

In Luke 10:2, laborers are both sexes willing to accept their roles. His handmaidens are meek, quiet, chaste, homemakers, submissive to their husbands - and will be greatly rewarded in the resurrection.

Ministering women

women praying

In Matthew 27:55,
the word “ministering” in this verse is the same Greek word translated as “Deacon” in other verses. Being a “deaconess” in the ekklesia does not mean she leads or teaches men.

In Romans 16:1, Sister Phoebe was a great ‘help’ to Paul and others. She wasn’t Paul’s leader/teacher. Phoebe ministered in various ways to support and help the brethren.

“diakoneo/deacon” is also used below -

Luke 8:1, these women used their goods to serve Yahushua as a ‘help’ to Him.

Luke 4:38-39 Simon’s mother-in-law “served/ministered to them”. She cooked/prepared meals for her guests.

Acts 9:3639 One evidence of Dorcas’ good works was the clothes she made - a blessing to the assembly.

Good works in the Messiah

1 Timothy 5:9 points out
some of the good works done by women:

[a] Raising children.

Motherhood is a ministry to the Ekklesia! When an assembly is full of ordered homes, it is an objective/beautiful example to the world.

mom with kids

Proverbs 14:1 a woman can tear down or build up her home, thus an assembly. Children can learn to be a rebel like Satan or to be a child of Yahuwah through her example.

[b] “if she has washed the saints’ feet” Wearing sandals on dirt roads used by animals, made foot/washing compulsory. This is not appreciated today because of our mode of travel and full shoes etc. However, washing someone’s feet still shows humility. Yahushua’s servitude was exemplified in washing His disciples’ feet.

[c] “if she has lodged strangers.” Service to others and meeting all their needs in a clean home can be self-denying.

Hebrews 13:1-2, Acts 16:14-15, 1 Peter 4:9

In 1 Corinthians 16:15-16, Stephanas’ household attended to serving the saints.

[d] “if she has relieved the afflicted” and “if she has diligently followed every good work.”

In Matthew 25:31-46, needs in the Ekklesia are very personal to Yahushua. Heed His warning in this text.

None exempt from service.

Matthew 20:27, 28

Yahushua focused on serving others. The same applies in the body. Relieving the afflicted/hungry/weak. The behind the scenes work will be openly rewarded by Yahuwah. The purpose of women has never been to teach or lead men. They should guide and teach children and the younger women:

Titus 2:1

When women fail to love their husbands and children, lack self-control, work outside the home etc., it brings reproach and the word of Yahuwah is blasphemed. It is crucial for older women to teach these principles to the younger, so that Yahuwah’s word is magnified and never ever blasphemed!

Matthew 23:11- But he who is greatest among you shall be your servant.

The Heavenly Father is the greatest Servant, He is constantly serving us – in giving us life, all of creation, even His only begotten Son for our salvation.

John 5:19 “the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do;

The Yahushua-centered life of service takes courage. Cowards will not enter the kingdom!

Revelation 21:8-
“But the cowardly shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, “

With each member in their proper role, the Ekklesia emerges with great power and light, revealing Yahuwah’s intended creation:

Matthew 5:14-16 Let your light so shine that they may glorify your Father in heaven.

So that we will hear:

Matthew 25:21- ‘Well done, good and faithful servant!


three women

This article is based on a longer article written by Father Yahuwah’s servant, Brother Tom Martincic.

We have taken out from the original article all pagan names and titles of the Father and Son, and have replaced them with the original given names. Furthermore, we have restored in the Scriptures quoted the names of the Father and Son, as they were originally written by the inspired authors of the Bible. -WLC Team