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The Visual Bible: Acts
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The Visual Bible: Acts

Another word-for-word rendition from the Visual Bible series of the Book of Acts.

Sail with the physician, Luke, as his powerful story unfolds. Share the adventure, as the seeds of the new church are scattered throughout the land.  Miraculous healings, mysterious escapes from prison and angelic encounters. Experience them all with Peter, Philip, John and the others. Watch as the infant church struggles and grows. Then, on the road to Damascus with the Pharisee Saul, witness the unfolding of a greater purpose that will change the world forever. Share the shattering encounter with Yahushua that transforms the young faith's greatest enemy into its boldest voice as the reborn Paul discovers his destiny as a light for the Gentiles.

Retail Value and International S&H: $15
WLC points: 225

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