Letter to Examination Board

1234 Street
Any town, Any State



NAME of Head of Exam Board (if known)
NAME of School or Examination Body

Dear Sir: [or Madame – preferably use last name with Mr./Mrs./Ms. or scholarly title]

My attendance at [INSERT NAME OF SCHOOL] has prepared me to sit for exams in [INSERT SUBJECT] to meet the requirements for [graduation, advancement to Level ___, obtaining my professional license in (INSERT)].

As a Biblical Christian, I worship by the luni-solar calendar.  The weekly cycle of the Biblical calendar differs from the civil Gregorian calendar in that it restarts with each New Moon.  As such, this year’s exam falls on my holy day and I cannot attend on the scheduled date.

I respectfully request an alternate date for taking this exam.  If there are some additional expenses accrued due to this shift, I am willing to cover that cost.  I have worked hard to prepare for this exam and my future productivity to society is largely dependent upon my ability to take the exam and [graduate, advance to Level ___, obtain my professional license].

In business, as well as government, accommodation for religious differences has usually been provided.  I sincerely hope that this same accommodation can be extended to me so that I can take this exam and continue to reach the goals for which I have worked so long. 

Sincerely yours,