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Dear Sir: [or Madame – preferably use last name with Mr./Mrs./Ms.]

I wish to thank you for the excellent education my [child/children, INSERT NAME(s)] are receiving at your school.  The quality of learning they are receiving will prepare them well for the future.

Our family has recently become aware that the Bible historically used a method of time-keeping different from the modern civil calendar, the Gregorian.  As a Christian family, we have studied this topic exhaustively because of the impact upon our jobs as well as the children’s schooling.   Nevertheless, we now feel it is our duty to observe the Biblical holy days.  These include the weekly seventh-day Sabbaths, the monthly New Moons and four other annual religiously observed holy days.

This calendar impacts work and school because the months on the Biblical calendar begin with the New Moon.  This also restarts the weekly cycle, so the “seventh-day” by this calendar appears to float through the continuous weekly cycle of the civil, Gregorian calendar that the school is using. 

Much of the time (although not always) this would require the children to miss one day of school a week.  We can furnish you with a calendar listing of the days the children would be absent.  It would be our responsibility to obtain from the teachers the homework assignments they would miss and I can assure you that we would make sure the children spent compensatory time with their schoolwork at home.

We appreciate the fact that in business as well as government accommodation for religious differences has been provided.  We ask that this same accommodation be extended for our children.  We will do everything we can to minimize the impact of this accommodation on the school and the teachers and still continue the children’s education.

I sincerely hope that allowance can be made for my children.  The education they are receiving from your school is a blessing for which we are grateful.

Sincerely yours,