As I Accepted One Truth/Light, Yahuwah Gave More Light (Part 1)

 I was raised in  the  Seventh -day Adventist Church . I used to love my Church because it is the only Church which has the truth about  the Sabbath. I was believed Saturday is day of Yahuwahs Seventh - Day Sabbath.
 When  I was teenager I like reading books of E.G White especially , "Steps to Christ ". One day I was laid  in my bed meditating on what I was ready. I prayed to  Yahuwah if you know I will live longer and forsaking you it's much better if I die now than to live in sin .I  closed my eyes and waiting to see what Yahuwah will do in response to my plea . I saw the light as you see the sun shines as I closed my eyes . Nothing happens . From that day I believed that Yahuwah has not finished yet  with me, He  has work for me to do.
  My parents they believed  in education . We  were not rich but my father was working hard to make sure he had School fees for our education. After I finished my high school I was selected to join teachers College for two years. I was hired  teaching in primary school at my home country Tanzania East Africa. I got married for thirty five years ago. We have three grown up children and four grandchildren.Yahuwah has blessed me that I have something to   be thankful for.
 My life journey of faith in SDA Church back Tanzania, I was active in working for Yahuwah as head deaconess,department of children Sabbath School , greeter,  Singing in a choir,Women Ministry , part time in weekends selling books  EGWhite. ,house to house for studying Bible with my neighbors.. I was in love with my   Saviour  to work for  Him. Teaching them that Saturday day is the Seventh day Sabbath of Yahuwah  . One day my friend decided that she wanted to be baptized  I was very happy. The day of baptism i went to her house and she was not there . I  asked her husband where is my friend?He said she ran away because she changed her mind that she don't want to be baptized.  I left there with a broken heart ,on the way to church I was crying to Yahuwah what happened .From that day i  understood that it is not my conviction to her ,but it is the work of His Holy Spirit.

I came to  USA 1998 to joined my husband. My children came later in a miracle way. It was miracle because i wanted to go back home to stayed with my children until their get their visa .I was praying Yahuwah open the impossible way for them to come to join us. When Yahuwah said , " Pray without ceasing "1Thes 5:16 and Col 4:2  He answered my prayers and my children got visa.
 Time for my devotional :  I wake up early before the time for family worship.One day  in my secret place with my Yahuwah as it written in Psalm 91:1; I sang a song in a hymnal book about the Holy Spirit,some thing heat me in my mind,why this song appears to exclude Yahuwah and Yahushua? Who is Holy Spirit. Two days later searching  SDA sermons in the Internet it happened to see this preacher preaching about the topic I have questions about.  First video " Who or What is the Holy Spirit. 2nd video "Trinity vs Adventism"  3rd  video "Alpha and Omega "   After I listened all and read the Bible and Compared what he was saying I conclude that is true. I  prayed and thanked Yahuwah for opening my eyes to see the truth .I read ,"Ministry of Healing " by EGW . About ,"Knowledge of Yahuwah ".
Yahuwah and Yahushua they have one Spirit. No Trinity in the Bible.
   As you know when you get new light you want to share with your love ones. First  i  shared to my husband what I have learned about the Holy Spirit .l told no Trinity in the Bible and , l will  show you the preacher who was teaching about Holy Spirit I Watched  one  SDA preacher who preached about Holy Spirit. He said this topic I have heard for many years back. I believed  there is Trinity because Ellen  G White wrote about Triune/Trinity in  Desire of Ages . I asked him if we can watch the video  together ,then you will know if EGW believed in Trinity or not. We  watched those videos and tried to show in the Bible he didn't accept.  I searched pioneers  what they believed ,I made copied  of this topic from EGW  , James White,  Uriah Smith, J .N Loughborough  and other people who don't believed in  Trinity . I  share videos and copies to my friends , my children my relatives ,my Pastor , some church members,they didn't except because it is one of the foundation of the SDA Church..and Mathew 28:1 9.Dr Kellog wrote the book  " Living Temple " when he said he believed in  "God the Father ,God the Son, God the Holy Spirit."He said Holy  Spirit is in the trees, flowers "and Yahuwah told His Servant  EGW go and  "meet him". " If Sister Ellen GWhite believed in Trinity why Yahuwah told Her to rebuked Kellog ? Selected message book 1 page 200 .She wrote , " This book Living Temple is presented the Alpha  of deadly heresies the Omega will follow and will be received by those who are not willing to heed the warning Yahuwah has given "
 After the pastor watched video,he shared the video with the elders of the church to give up their opinions. He wrote a letter to me do not share this video to new members of the church because it will confused them ,and we have to be in harmony with the  World Church (General Conference) He sent me the message that if I want to go to the church to discuss with him and the elders about the video.  I  wrote back  I'm not comfortable to discuss with many people .what I want is your opinion.

One day the Pastor came home  visiting and we discussed with me and my husband about Holy Spirit  he read how pioneers we didn't have conclusion that day . He came back and he said he believed that there three beings. I told him  my opinion I don't believe that ,because I read the Bible and Spirit of prophecy Yahuwah and His Son  Yahushua  there Spirit are one.

At that time I was still going to  SDA Church  I decided not to be in the class of lessons study I joined in the class of those who discussed the 1 John &2nd. The last time I decided Not to go to the Church anymore is when the Pastor sermon  was about  Trinity .When we're on the way home I told my husband this is my last time to go to the church . I rather worship  by my self than hearing  heresy.
 I searched how to start home church I read scripture on Acts16:32,34,40; 18:7  1Cor 1:11 ; 16:15,19 Rom 16:19  I tell my family that I decided to stay home.I show them the Spirit of prophecy .

Support from Spirit of prophecy   Corrupt church; " It is impossible for you to unite with those who are corrupt.... (Read 2Cor 6:14-15) "Review and Herald volume 4 pg 137.

"Any connection with infidels/unbelievers.....we are to come out from them " Fundamentals of Christian Education pg 482. The decision  I made to worship at home it brought an easy to my family especially one of my children told me ,"You took over the role of my father priesthood,and decided not to go to church .I told her my salvation doesn't depend on human.No one can be saved by his father or mother or husband,only Yahuwah .No one can decide for me whether I can go to church  or not ,it's my choice .Yahushua said,"True worshippers are those who Worship in Spirit and Truth"John 4: 23,24.

Yahuwah revealed this truth about His Holy Spirit  year 2015 and I accept it.
 The Creator Calendar: Not too long another  light of "Luni -Solar Calendar "the same year 2015. This was shock to me  to know that I have been worshipping on a wrong day . 

Yahuwah showed World Lastchance  Website at His time!!  When I saw this website first ,I wanted to Know who are these people. Worldlastchance ."Preparing a people for the Saviour Soon return."I signed up to be a member because I like to read testimonies ,and then to see if there are members of  SDA Who are decided to follow the truth.The first one I read is  from Sister Jacqueline eBanks her testimony  she mentioned ,"The Great  Controversy book " I searched in the Internet and I found. I went to Staples store and show them that I need to get copy of  this book .They ask me if I t has authorized to copy by the author .I showed them and they made a book.I read that book and her testimony,and watch videos and  articles at WLC website. I decided  to follow the truth for the evidence from the history and the Bible.
 I showed my husband the website and I chose the videos to watch  with him "The Seventh day -Adventist and the Lunar Sabbath," Ellen G White and the pioneers and the Lunar Sabbath .He said this is not true ."Saturday  Sabbath is from creation." I tried to show in the evidence from the Bible but he doesn't get it. He said ,"I can't take the truth from the Internet."  It's okay but for me I will form my opinion where ever Yahuwah bring the truth I will accept it through His Words. He said after all  some times ago someone handed me a book back in Africa about the calendar but I didn't pay attention because it is not true. He told me he will wait when the time comes if he hear this is truth he will follow it. But if you see it is wrong come back to SDA church. I told  him you can't be into two opinions .
 When he went to church he told the pastor that I m not SDA anymore .She found out the website  and  decided to follow them . You need to come and help her. One day pastor came and one of the elder, to discuss with my decision to follow Luni-Solar Sabbath .He read how Yahuwah teach the Israelites to keep feasts but it is not for us ,that is for Israelites .l ask them,"Why SDA Accept to keep the Sabbath , camp meeting  but when it comes to Newmoons and other feasts they said it was for the Jews?"When they preached Isaiah 66:23 to non believers they skipped  Newmoons they  told them to keep the Sabbath here on earth because it will be kept in a new heaven and new earth? "Yahuwah never changed when He said  keep my commandments and statutes forever He means that."
He said because you left the church you will be miserable!! I told him ,"  1 Cor 13:6 Rejoiceth not in iniquity but Rejoiceth in the Truth. I have found a treasure gift from Yahuwah about true Sabbath,a pearl of great price I will follow this truth even if it costs me everything.

After i finished Ecourse ,and understood what I believe, I wrote a letter to the Pastor to take out my name as membership  in SDAs church . My membership is found in Hebrew 12:22,23.

I'm very happy even to know my  Fathers  Name"Yahuwah "  and His Son" Yahushua "these  are blessings that for many years satan hid Yahuwahs Name. Now I can call upon  His Name!! All these are truly amazing truth that the SDA they refused to follow  or listen because they are rich they have all the truth. Let's pray for them.

Last year I visited my relatives ,my friends  back home Tanzania . After I know  this truth of Lunar - Sabbath . I  prayed for guidance  what He wanted me to do . Before I travel I downloaded articles In my computer and printing  some important articles ,while I was there I distributed an articles to those who can read it in English and understand.

I translated some articles they can read in the native language Swahili to show the true Sabbath and Yahuwah and Yahushua names. I visited homes for those we had Bible study together before I came to America ,to tell them "I'm no longer Seventh day -Adventist."They were shocked. I  told them Yahuwah revealed to His people in the Bible reading and history  the truth about His Calendar in creation days . Genesis 1:14-19 it's showing that the Sun and Moon will help us to know days,season ,and years. The calendar we used today you can not find the true Sabbath, this calendar is introduced by man , we had  this lies for many years to believed that  "the Seventh day -Sabbath is Saturday ",and we used this calendar called "Gregorian  Calendar " to find day to worship.Yahuwah calendar is in the sky where no man can't touch  it.

Before I left  Tanzania I sit down with my Siblings and tell them that this is the truth about  to keeping the Luni-Solar Sabbath. Yahuwah has sent me here for you to show you the the true sabbath and you're upset  for me to accept the truth .I prayed you will searched your self to see that I followed the instructions from the word of Yahuwah. I told them ,"Salvation came at your door but you push it away." I pray that Yahuwah will open your eyes and mind to see these are words from Yahuwah not the opinions from man. I gave them articles they can read themselves and decided which way they can go ,"the true Sabbath  or Satan  sabbath day(Saturday)  

In Tanzania we have few members of WLC .I travelled to see the leader  of that group where  they meet each New Moons days and Sabbath ,because  it was working days I didn't meet all members  but I talked to the leader he told his plans . He wants to translate  W L C articles ,and e course  In Swahili to distribute to the people to know this truth, but he needs support  ;prayers, financially for copies machine, and other things he can need for this work.He travels in remote area  with his laptop and used the Screen  wallpaper to show videos from WLC.

While I was there i told him I want to be baptized in the Name of Yahushua and we are arranged where he can do it we planned to be at the beach of Indian Ocean. The day of my baptism i was very happy to know I do it because I love Yahuwah and Yahushua.For me to step in the water is a miracle itself,"because I'm afraid of water,even I can't Swim."

My trip to Africa I got an experienced rejected when you bring new light to people see you like a stranger to them. I was stranger to my family, friends.

I prayed to Yahuwah will open their eyes and see that ,this is  the last call from Him  for every one to take hid for us who are living in this last days .

Thanks WLC for accepting  to used by Yahuwah to be the Light of The World !! You will see Your Fruit When Yahushua comes . Yahuwah bless everyone who decided to follow Him what ever it cost."

Your Sister in Yahushua name.
Neema Makoko

Part 2 of Sister Neema's Testimony: