Luni-Solar Reckoning of Time

In all my learning, I was to get understanding that gave me wisdom! That was my desire.  I was confused about 2 words that man would use as if they met the same thing.  Until I completed the Hebrew letters of love, life and light I also did the same thing.  Once I understood that wisdom came from the tree of life, Yeshua, and that knowledge came from the tree of good and evil, Hasatan, my progress of understanding Yehovah and His kingdom made a true return, teshuva.  At the same time I was introduced to WLC and teachings.  This changed the day of my Sabbath, the correct calendar- luni-solar, and the understanding of our earth, as I had never thought about it as being flat or round.  My poetry improved and prayers were answered very quickly.  The third day of creation was always very important to me and so it is for WLC as well.  Eating for health can never be put to the side as it is right up there with Yehovah’s holy kingdom.  I love home worship and WLC for promoting Yehovah’s character.  My family and friends and those students that I taught about Sabbath but not using the correct calendar do not always embrace advancing truth, however, as I do my part, I am very sure anything can happen as all things are possible if we continue doing Yehovah’s will to our end of days.  He is who I put my trust in and His will is done as it is in heaven so it is on earth.  Amen, hallelujah.  Yvonne