Testimony From Indonesia

Dearest WLC team.

Thank you so much for this friendship. I am overjoyed to have connection with all of you who diligently search for the truth from the Bible and follow The Lamb's footsteps no matter the cost. May our loving Father Yahuwah continue to shine His face on you.

I beg your understanding for my limitation in English language.

I was the second child from a broken home family, when I was a baby my parents divorced, my father is a Muslim (Islam) and my mother is a Christian (Protestant). I spent my childhood with my Christian grandfather (my mother's father). My father himself never met with me, I never knew him. Seven years ago I was looking for him and I found that he had died four years before. From my step brothers and sister I got the information that my father married again and had seven children with his Muslim wife. My mother herself had married again and had one daughter from her Christian husband.

From my grandfather I have a big family who keep the old understanding of truth like most Christians over the world today. Some of them are preachers and pastors. All of them, except my mother and my elder sister, do not accept the new light that I have been sharing with them, some refuse directly, some simply ignore, and some even call me a member of a cult. One is a pastor who calls me a member of the Mormon Church.

I have left behind all the traditional doctrines that I found to be errors against the Bible, for example the false trinity doctrine. I continue to share with them the new light such as the Luni-solar Sabbath which is in the Biblical calendar, the true names of the Father and the Son, the perpetuity of the ten commandments and much more.

In various ways I share the new light with them. Sometimes in direct conversations face to face, or with media communication like Blackberry messenger, Facebook, and my personal website. I also printed my pending patent book "sabat sejati dalam kalender alkitab" (real sabbath in biblical calendar), but because of my limitations I had printed just about fifty pages. You may check my account Facebook "rishan karangan", my page on Facebook "kebenaran bagi umat sisa" (the truth for the remnant), and my personal website at

I have received many rejections from my friends and my family but I also get questions from the open minded and a few of them realize that what I share is according to the Bible and not from my own thoughts.

Acceptance of His truth has a big impact in my whole life especially in my work and family. For less than two years I have kept the Lunar Sabbath and all the moedim mentioned in the Bible (Leviticus). I have been working for seven years in an electricity company (owned by Indonesian state). I work at operational division with no fixed schedule and this situation makes the Lunar Sabbath often coincide with my work days. The hardest time is at the end of the month when the Sabbath is followed immediately by the New Moon day because it means I have to "miss work" two days in a row. I exchange places with my Muslim friends but it cannot always be like that because they have their own business and it's forbidden to exchange places with others  (head officer rules). Sometimes I don't go to work and it makes them think that I am a freak person and difficult to follow because the job will be at stake. I could be fired at any time because I don't obey the rules of the company. But for me, no matter the cost, I will follow the Lamb. From Isaiah 58:13,14 I know that even if I lose my job, Yahuwah will provide for me.

I was previously 'baptized' as an infant and again as an adult a few years ago. Since I was a child I studied the Word  frequently and finished reading the whole Bible when I was a  teenager, therefore I have general knowledge about it. After my high school time, I studied more deeply and realized that infant baptism was an error, so I joined another Church and was re-baptized with the full immersion method even though my family, my pastor and my friends from the old church did not agree with me. Now I have received two methods of baptism but both were done in the same pagan name.

About the WLC eCourse... because of my limitation in English language I got low points :( it's true that sometimes I did not read the lessons in your website before I answered the quiz because I had received from you the important books like: the Desire of Ages, The Last Call (The Great Controversy), In The Beginning, Syllabus of holy living, etc.

A few weeks ago my mother told me that she wants to to be re-baptized, she doesn't want to continue living in the wrong tradition. I told her that all the churches around us today baptize people in the name of 'Jesus' but we should be baptized in the name of Yahushua. After saying that, my sister asked me to re-baptize them both. In my heart I realize that it is impossible for me to baptize people right now because I have not been baptized in the name of Yahushua.

I need to be re-baptized in the name Yahushua, like the early Christians did in the book of Acts. I know baptism is not the act of salvation but an act of obedience and it's my duty to obey my Master's commandment. For if we have been planted in the likeness of his death through baptism, we shall walk in newness of life with Him.

The longer I live in the Biblical truth, the more I become increasingly compelled to complete all my obligations and repent of all my sins so that I can be in total compliance with Yahuwah's will. 

Thank you so much for your attention. May our loving Father Yahuwah continue to shine His Face on us.