The Miracle In My life

Born and breed in an atheistic family, I did at a very young age search for Yahuwah. It took years; my family was against my hunger and thirst ,and by the time I started to live on my own in Amsterdam were I finished art school, I was free to look around and my first experience I came across was the occult world with mediums and parapsychology.

No one in my entire family like aunts uncles nephews not anyone heard ever about the word of Yahuwah.

After a while I married with an unbeliever and got divorced after 17 years. In the meantime I could lay the tarot-cards and became a well-known person in that world.

My life was in a worldly way prosperous but I got more and more depressed.World wide I had exhibitions with my bronze-sculptures-[I still was an artist]

But mentally I was on a breaking point.
The Doctor send me to a psychologist, the only one who had time in the coming weeks. [She was a Christian psychologist not very popular I guess with time enough [Thank you Yahuwah].

A day later I went to her practice, she asked me what I did and I told her that among other things I lay the tarot cards. She prayed for me and advised me to buy a Bible [the book] which is simple to read. I asked Yahuwah to help me to find in His word why my life was such a dark pit............

I asked to give it to me under my left thumb, because I never read the bible and could not understand what it says. Isaiah 47: 12 came under my left thumb. I read my life.....................

I became a Christian it only took a few weeks and all of my books amulets and DVDs were brought to a burning centre to be destroyed.

I pray for my family but until now no one has given their hearts to the Lord. 2 miracles have happened. My health was extremely fragile.
I had asthma and the medicines take for 20 years have had such a disastrous effect on my heart, that I had to drop them, and was hospitalized in the hospital, and was diagnosed a prednisone patient, so the doctor said.
I know how prednisone does work in a body, it is very bad, and the very last thing you will take for the rest of your life in a very high dose. I asked them to let me go for the week-end.

I went to my church and the pastor spoke about, daring to put your feet in the Jordan River. Went home and prayed that I will forever stay in HIS service when Yahuwah would heal me. I woke up completely healed next morning.
I never took that awful medicine that had caused it and never prednisone either. I thank my dear and beloved Father still every day for it. Everybody was speechless but my family still doesn't believe.

A new miracle happened when I found It was out of the blue on my computer. At first I didn't understand the whole meaning of it, but it was Yahuwah's leading that opened my eyes. Here was the light and the truth about the true Luni-Solar calendar as Yahuwah our Father had meant for us. Thank you all, who are in His service at WLC. The time has come to open the eyes of all who are misled.

I celebrate His Sabbath day, and will never keep silent about it.

Ria Claus
Santpoort-Zuid City
Jan 5 2011