The Narrow Road

I am a 3rd generation Seventh Day Adventist and just recently got baptized again in the year 2009 after 10 years of being on the other side. Most of mum’s family are Adventist and her youngest brother just happens to be the Trans-Pacific Union Mission President. My cousin sister’s husband is the current SDA Fiji Mission President.  In the year 2010, my wife and I knew that it was time to head for the mountains. We left our jobs in the city and as usual, extended family members thought that we had gone crazy. I was even called a fanatic but I knew that it was that voice telling me that it was time to go. We built a house up in the mountains and started organic farming. We started a little home church at our house. The forces of darkness tried to turn everything upside down and we were called in to a village meeting to the nearest village because my daughter was home schooling. I thank the Yah for his promises that in front of a meeting hall packed with villagers, police and chiefs, I was able to speak boldly about the light shed to Adventist in regards to Country Living and Last Day Events. 

Towards the end of last year, we invited friends from the city for a camp meeting up the mountains. This camp was the last straw for main line Seventh Day Adventist at the nearby villagers as they called in police and the army upon us as we did not have a permit to hold a camp. We were warned never to hold another church gathering and if we did, we would be going to jail. Looking back now, I know that it was Yah all along controlling the circumstances to prepare us to receive the next light. Four months ago a friend of mine from the city urged me to read The Great Calendar Controversy. I thought that he was out of his mind when he told me that we were following a wrong calendar and that Saturday was not the right Sabbath Day. I even made fun of him to people and in my self-righteous state thought that if light was going to come then it was to come through people who were already living out in the country. A trip down to the city and a visit to the internet café got me downloading The Great Calendar Controversy book purely for ridiculing it. 
To my surprise, the Holy Spirit started to remove my preconceived ideas as a lot of things started to make sense to me. I began to read with an open mind and with a heart to know the will of Yah. Well, my wife and children have all since then followed in my footsteps and Yah has been leading my little family. We have since then as a group of believers gotten together and recorded audios last week during feast of unleavened bread week and the lectures are currently been played in one of the local radio stations. Well, as for me and my big mouth, I have been able to apologize to the group members for initially thinking that they were out of their mind. The Sabbath rest blessings have really been unbelievable. All praise must be given to our Eternal Father for his loving mercy upon a sinner like me.
Sam Ratabu
Lautoka, Fiji