Truth often times is stranger than fiction.

   It is a wonder that the Sabbath truth has come to light in these last days.  My have I underestimated the depth of spiritual darkness in this world.  The term “sheep” aptly describes the follower of Yahushua and the term “wolf” well defines the teacher who purposely denies the authority of the Good Shepherd.

   I stumbled across the luni-solar Sabbath on the internet a couple years ago.  Perhaps “stumbled across” is not the most accurate way to put it.  Looking back it would be more correct to say Yah brought it to my attention.  For a fleeting spell of time this strange subject captured my curiosity.  The concept of the 7th day Sabbath being dictated by the cycle of the moon was so foreign.  I printed off several webpages of information pertaining to the True Sabbath only to throw it in the trash several months later along with the collected dust.  The Holy Spirit had me on but I shook the hook of truth from my mind and swam on in the river of deception.  After all, deception was the habitat I was most comfortable with.  Of course I didn’t perceive deception as being a lie otherwise it wouldn’t be deception.  Such is the nature of the perverted gospel in the form of dogmas and creeds of the organized churches, sects, isms, cults, etc. made in the image of men.

   Up until as recently as a week ago I was a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.  I joined this organization in the winter of 1999.  I didn’t belong to any denomination during the many years which preceded this transition.  After several years of being involved in the SDA I lost my first love.   Attendance in church services and participation in various evangelistic outreaches had become mechanical motions.  I lost my passion for truth.  The dogma I was hearing and saying over and over again had grown stale.  I didn’t know it but I needed fresh spiritual food, food I could sink my teeth into, food that would once again energize my heart and mind.  Please understand, when I first came into the SDA I was thrilled with all the new truths I was learning.  The spiritual fare was wonderful compared to what I had eaten most of my life.  But with time I became comfortable and this grew into complacency and complacency gave way to stagnancy.  I had fallen under the Laodicean spell.  I assumed there was no further truth or clearer understanding to be had and rested in my deceitful cocoon.  “Praise Yah”.  He always places new surprises in our path.

   About six months ago a good friend of mine who is also a member of the SDA but who attends at a different church location than I asked me if I would like to study the luni-solar Sabbath with him.  After much study he made a decision to accept this wonderful truth about a year before I did.  I told Doug I had fleetingly looked into it over a year ago and gave him a superficial excuse that it was too complicated and respectfully declined his offer.  In the back of my mind I thought it was quite the coincidence that unbeknownst to either of us we were initially exposed to the true Sabbath at close to the same time.  A couple months went by and Doug approached me on the issue once again.  I brushed him off.  A couple more months went by and Doug cast out his line one more time.  I bit on the hook and thought to myself; Ok I am just going to get to the bottom of this.  If I take the time and effort to investigate with an honest and open mind Yah will be faithful to show me whether or not the lunar Sabbath is true.  It’s tempting to fall into the trap of bigotry and bias especially when the majority of adherents to a particular creed are in agreement.  No church member feels comfortable when taking a position that is at odds with the status quo.  I would be lying if I said I didn’t struggle with personal prejudice, preconceived ideas and the thought of what others in the church would think if I were to accept the true timing of the 7th day Sabbath.   I thank Yah for helping me to be objective and open.  Looking back this investigation was a win-win endeavor.  I learned and am still learning about things I would never learn otherwise.  A more in depth knowledge of the history of the church; the SDA, the RCC, etc. has been very challenging, troubling yet rewarding.  Studying the Bible and history has never been as thrilling and invigorating as it is now.  I just want to scream “Hallelujah”.   If you haven’t read “The Two Republics” by A.T. Jones I strongly encourage you to do so.  This is just one of many fabulous historical books that are available.  I pray this lowly painter and drywaller will never again take at face value what the so called experts and authorities of any organized religion teach and preach as gospel.  I don’t care how much theological background they have or how many seminaries they’ve attended.  True knowledge comes from the Spirit of Yah and it can only be attained with an honest and open heart which is a gift of the Creator.  All other knowledge is based on man’s wisdom and philosophy which more often than not will be found lacking.

   I cannot give enough thanks and praise to Yah for inspiring the creators of websites such as WLC.  Keep these folks in our prayers and help them to continually strive for Yah’s excellence in how the truth for this time is to be communicated to those who are seeking the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  Study on Christian soldiers and when the Spirit convicts you of the truth grab hold and don’t let go!

Scott Frost
Eagle River, AK