Truth upon Truth, Precept upon Precept

My family recently connected with the "Worlds Last Chance" "WLC" website and what a refreshing first experience at reading and viewing material on their end time teachings. Refreshing and thus exhilarating by virtue of its alignment with (a) the Word of Yahuwah (b) historical and prophetic facts and (c) revelation given by Yahuwah to us months and even years earlier that has allowed us to build truth upon truth and precept upon precept.

My family and I presently live a life in Yahushua only, unconnected with any group, individual, denomination or religious organization. We have learnt very hard lessons to bring us to this position but at each step of the learning process as He allowed our transition or move through the harlot (from Catholicism to Evangelical Pentecostalism), He equipped us with wisdom to understand and thus root out the depths of sin still prevalent in those who attach themselves to the doctrines and teachings of these humanly devised organizations. Indeed this has been our work as missionaries in South East Asia for the past 6 years as Yahuwah has moved us to minister His truths for today.

However, as we now move onward and upward in His call and to His heavenly place, we are ever cognizant of Yahuwah’s "final sifting" and that of our absolute obedience to His commandments, having both the faith in and of Yahushua and of this time now being the end of the probationary period on this earth when He will flood humankind, including believers, with opportunities to repent. We have, therefore, cultivated open minds and hearts to receive from Yahuwah and ever ready to change by either learning or unlearning. We naturally, therefore always seek, always watch and always pray for such. This seeking always leads us to the most precise point of Yahuwah’s trust in us; this seeking has led us to the WLC website.

The most striking thing about our first encounter with the WLC, after it HIT us right between the eyes was that once again, as Yahuwah had trained us, He continues to surprise us as He buffers our knowledge of Him and His truths to suit His perfect timing. He first revealed His truth about His time and calendar and then explained why we could not receive such a truth until now.

Yahuwah’s calendar, created by Him and NOT man, as all other calendars are, is precise. It must be; it’s His creation and therefore perfect.  Based on the Lunar/Solar motions it’s perfect beyond even the most advanced science of man. All appointments therefore with Yahuwah are based on His timing and calendar and not ours and this especially relates to appointments for worship, feast days, and particularly the weekly Sabbath.  Sadly, now as we are required to move into greater obedience, we see that the majority of professing Christianity today do not keep the forth Commandment of Yahuwah and for the little number of believers who do keep it, they choose to apply a calendar and timing that Yahuwah did not create or authorize; one devised by man.

Yahuwah has given very clear instructions about when to worship and He has given us a time and calendar to follow. Following anything else or anything different would be disobedience.

I and my family now recognize that in our ignorance we have been disobedient by the keeping of the Sabbath on the wrong day (Friday sunset to Saturday sunset) by following the calendar of the world. Both I and my wife and young children repent for this publicly and have also repented privately in tears. This obedient move by my family is further proof for us that Yahuwah is now marking His people but also proof of satan in marking his. Those believers, therefore, who do not keep ALL of Yahuwah’s Commandments (remembering that it’s the 4th Commandment which determines who you belong to; the beast or Yahuwah) you WILL suffer tribulation on this earth by your acceptance of this sin. No other Sabbath than the one that our Creator authorized at any time other than His time is acceptable.

We pray that this testimony will become a wake-up call and open the eyes of believers and unbelievers into taking steps to obedience and to stop following Yahushua in ignorance. Use the10 Commandments as a mirror for this. They are the same today as they were with Moses and as the Sabbath and time were at creation.

Remember also, brethren that the Sabbath takes you out of the world and into the loving arms of the Father (Yahuwah).

Thank you my friends and brethren at WLC, you have truly blessed us.

Anthony Walker

Udon Thani, Thailand