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We have selected these videos for our members and visitors not because we agree with everything they say, rather because they contain enough truth to make them worthwhile to watch and share. The videos are grouped by subject. We will continue to expand the list of videos, so keep coming to this page to check the latest additions. Your comments on the videos are welcome.

Some people seem to be able to almost instantly realize the ramifications of an enclosed, geocentric cosmology, particularly when it comes to issues such as Evolution, as being almost beyond self-evident. Other folks, however, have a much more difficult time seeing this connection. It is for the latter group that I have endeavored to piece this video together, compiling some of the information I have been myself looking into over the last few weeks and months. The topic is admittedly FAR too deep to try and exhaustively cover here in a single 15 minute vid, but my hope is that it might at least prompt people to then go and research for themselves more thoroughly the historical intricacies of things such as the Copernican Principle, the Copernican Revolution, Scientism, Darwinian Evolution, and most importantly, what the Biblical Scriptures have to say about the Cosmos in which we all truly live...  

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Flat Earth:Confessions of An Airline Pilot  

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Proof anyone should be able to get. Do you still want someone to video 24 hours of sunlight in Antarctica? 24 hour time lapse of Arctic sun PROVES, with no doubt, the Earth does not move. If you can't "get" this one, find an easier subject to debunk. This is something ALL should be able to get. Anyone still up for the Global Earth Challenge?  

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Letter to Neil Degrasse Tyson by Dave Murphy - Flat Earth

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More NASA lies. 2016 & still no pictures of earth, including all the images they claim to be real. With a little bit of investigative work, you can find that it's all a hoax. NASA & all the world space agencies are frauds. LROC is fake. Hubble is fake. All things to do with "outer space" are fake. Guaranteed.   

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