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Several arguments I've encountered since advocating the true, correct, FLAT EARTH model. (*the audio is sort of bad during one section, but it's only for a few minutes. Also, the music track I had planned to include during the entire video didn't render, so there's no "background music".) I'll probably upload a revised version of this video in the next week or two, but I wanted to get this up on Youtube this past weekend, so I'm just submitting it "as-is".  

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  1. 1946-47: "Operation Highjump" (to get up and onto the ice shelf)
  2. 1955-1956: "Operation Deep Freeze" (to explore the ice shelf)
  3. 1957: Admiral Byrd dies.
  4. 1958: NASA is founded.
  5. 1959: The Antarctic Treaty is opened for signatures.
  6. 1961: The Antarctic Treaty goes into force.
  7. 1962: The U.S. and Russia begin launching high-altitude nuclear weapons into space under names such as "Operation Dominic [Of the Lord]", "Operation Fishbowl", etc. ...clearly testing the newly found firmament.
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FLAT EARTH - Perspective and Horizons EXPLAINED

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Galileo vs. The Church: A Hegelian Dialectic

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flat earth perspective - part 1

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flat earth perspective - part 2

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flat earth perspective - part 3 (conclusion)

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Many Creationists and other Christians often try to use Isaiah 40:22 and Job 26:7 to support the notion that the Bible describes the Earth as spherical and "hanging in space." The simple fact of the matter is, this is not true. NO Biblical author had such a worldview. Isaiah knew the difference between a ball (Hebrew: "dur" - see Isaiah 22:18) and a circle (Hebrew: "chug"). Job chapters 9 and 38 show that Job understood the same thing many later authors would - that the Earth is set on pillars. Thus, Job 26 means the Earth is hung on no-thing (i.e. it is not hanging from anything, rather it is understood to be sitting ON pillars and a firm foundation). I isolated this segment of the longer video as a tool for those who want a quick debunking video for those who insist Isaiah 40:22 and Job 26:7 are usable Scriptures to support the spinning ball, hanging in space model. Sorry, but that idea is wishful thinking.  

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Many mock and ridicule this whole Flat Earth investigation. What is ironic is while many think this endeavor is "ridiculous" and "stupid," few are willing to acknowledge just how completely INSANE most of what we now call "science" is these days. So, frankly, anyone who thinks we came from a fart (gas cloud) of "beer bubble" like multiverses, then evolved from goo to you by way of the zoo... really has no grounds for pointing fingers and laughing at those who choose to take the Bible literally. Just sayin'.

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I have many questions about our moon. We are taught that it is a reflector of the sun's light. But both the Scriptures and angles of light, which can be observed seem to refute this idea. Also, the moon appears to be GIVING off cold light, rather than reflecting the warm rays of the sun. There are also issues with the eclipse. I have more questions than answers regarding this stuff, but something just doesn't seem right about what we've been taught.  

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Reality Check - Do You Travel 1.6 Million Miles Per Day?

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Let Me Level With You - #1 - California to Hawaii

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Flat Earth Luminaries - The Sun, Moon and Stars EXPLAINED

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Satan is the father of all lies and he is consistently telling us the exact opposite of the truth.

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Some people seem to be able to almost instantly realize the ramifications of an enclosed, geocentric cosmology, particularly when it comes to issues such as Evolution, as being almost beyond self-evident. Other folks, however, have a much more difficult time seeing this connection. It is for the latter group that I have endeavored to piece this video together, compiling some of the information I have been myself looking into over the last few weeks and months. The topic is admittedly FAR too deep to try and exhaustively cover here in a single 15 minute vid, but my hope is that it might at least prompt people to then go and research for themselves more thoroughly the historical intricacies of things such as the Copernican Principle, the Copernican Revolution, Scientism, Darwinian Evolution, and most importantly, what the Biblical Scriptures have to say about the Cosmos in which we all truly live...  

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Flat Earth:Confessions of An Airline Pilot  

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