14 Reasons Why I Won’t Watch 'The Chosen'

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the chosen and why I won't watch it

We are living very near the return of Yahushua Christ on the solemn day of atonement. If the Christian life is a battle and a march, we have no time to waste, let alone on theatrical shows produced by those consulting with the Antichrist power and Ignatius's spiritual-formation teachings.

There is much about The Chosen that should concern the sincere Christian. This show blends every major religion into one pot: a mystic, pantheistic, ecumenical, feministic, Jesuit, and Mormon golden calf. It is candy-coated with Biblical references to appear Bible-based while treating the Word of Yahuwah as just another book and blurring any distinction between Yahuwah's remnant movement and the apostate church.

Let’s look at examples of how this show twists Scripture and demeans Christ.

#1 – “Follow Your Heart” — but not to Christ

Yahushua meets Nicodemus in The Chosen series, and much of their conversation seems scriptural. There are subtle changes, however, such as adding, "What does your heart tell you?"—a popular Disney line. (Remember, the Bible says, "the heart is deceptively wicked.") Later in the series, Yahushua says, "Soon it'll all be about the heart.” Subtle is the nature of such mystic teachings.

It's worth noting that in this same scene, Nicodemus kneels at Yahushua’s feet, and The Chosen Yahushua stops him, telling Nicodemus he doesn't need to worship Him. The Catholic Church hates the worship of Yahushua, and The Chosen follows suit.

The chosen jesus

#2 – A Hearsay Gospel

Throughout the series, disciples like Matthew and John interview people, running around with notepads and writing down hearsay that will become their supposed Biblical books. In one case, a woman runs by crying, "He healed me!" Matthew, in desperation, calls her, saying, "Healed you of what?" The show attempts to destroy the inspiration of Scripture, portraying it as a common book comprised of hearsay.

The Bible says, “Holy men of Yahuwah spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost”. 1 John 1:1-3 declares the gospels as eyewitness accounts, and 2 Peter 1:16 echoes this truth. Yet according to The Chosen, John 21:25 came from Mary Magdalene and not John himself. In their rewritten gospel, The Chosen Mary Magdalene plays an oddly feministic role for that time period and even becomes a disciple, traveling with Yahushua. There is a subtle deconstruction of inspiration, transforming the Bible into a book of hearsay and fables rather than truth.

John the Baptist - the Chosen#3 – An Arrogant Forerunner

In The Chosen, John the Baptist is arrogant, disrespectful, and constantly questioning Yahushua. In one scene, Yahushua says he is not ready to get into specifics, and in a flippant voice John the Baptist responds, “You appear to not be ready to get into the specifics on a lot of things.” In a previous discussion, Yahushua speaks to John the Baptist regarding incest and adultery, saying, "I understand it is against the law of Moses, but I am here for bigger purposes than breaking the rules." This gives the impression from “Yahushua” that John, who is about to confront Herod, is uninspired and even foolhardy—and that “Yahushua” doesn’t care about the Ten Commandments.

As if seeking attention, John tells Yahushua he is planning on marching into Herod's palace to tell him off and then adds, "My followers will love it." This isn’t what happened! In the Bible, John stated, "I must decrease," so why does The Chosen portray him as arrogant?

#4 – Destroying Scripture for Satire

While John the Baptist disrespects Christ, Peter disrespects John the Baptist, calling him "Creepy John." In the show, Peter and his brother describe John the Baptist, saying, “Behold the Lamb of Yahuwah which taketh away the sin of the world”—and do so in a way that destroys the beautiful solemnity of that moment. Peter's brother begins, “He said ‘behold’...” and Peter interjects, “I am eating a bug.” This lame, sacrilegious attempt at humor ridicules John's recognition of Yahushua as the Messiah and undermines the whole message.

In the show, Peter comes up to Yahushua and says he will go with Him to the ends of the earth, a reference to Luke 22:33. Biblically speaking, this was a monumental point in the conversion of Peter. But in The Chosen, this moment is destroyed when “Yahushua” responds, “I hope so, Simon, but I seem to remember there was a problem... something about Andrew's feet.” This is disgusting. Peter had an unconverted heart that would make it impossible for him to keep his promise to Christ, yet viewers of The Chosen will never know how Yahushua reveals the truth to him.

The Chosen - Mary

#5 – Uplifting… Mary

Mary worship was brought into this show by Roman Catholic influence. In Catholic belief, Mary is above Christ. In the show, Mary provides strong emotional support. Yahushua says things like, "What would I do without you?” instead of demonstrating Christ leaning on His Father, as Scripture clearly states. The writers insert theology not found in the Bible but in the Catholic tradition.

#6 – A Doctrine Swap

Show Producer Dallas Jenkins stated in an interview, "Our intentions are different from the Bible's intentions."

Show Producer Dallas Jenkins stated in an interview, "Our intentions are different from the Bible's intentions." The Bible’s intentions were to uplift Christ, so what are his? He states that the show will be “What the audience wants or needs to see.” This TV show, carefully crafted to tug at your emotions, doesn’t encourage viewers to sacrifice cherished sins. It subtly swaps Scripture for mystical Catholic doctrine and cheap humor. Furthermore, show writer Tyler Thompson claims the Bible is "good literature" but not infallible.

During a discussion between the Mormon partners and the show's host, they joke that the book of Revelation instructs us not to add to the Bible. The show host, Dallas Jenkins discusses with them how it is okay to ignore what John said in Revelation and add to the stories of the Bible (for the series). He later states, with a grin—and please do not miss this—“...the people who only want to read the Bible won’t be watching this series.”

Friends, if the show’s partners claim that viewers purely adhering to the Bible won't watch their show, we should run as fast as possible. We are Bible purists!

#7 – Disciples or Drunks?

In the show, many Biblical characters are depicted as drunks. In the show, our first encounter with Nathanael portrays him as a drunkard and a failed architect (Nathanael is just one of the misrepresented biblical characters). Circumstances prompt him to drown out his failure in the pub, a common backdrop in the series. Why would the show present Nathanael in such a light when Yahushua Himself declared, “Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile”? This show would lead us to believe that these things are compatible with Christianity.

#8 – Repentance Not Necessary

Although the true Yahushua preached repentance, in the first three seasons of The Chosen you might hear the word mentioned three or four times total—and casually, without conviction. This is intentional. When The Chosen Yahushua supposedly quotes Luke 5:32 in the show, he omits the word repentance and simply says he is “calling sinners.” Calling sinners to what? The show calls sinners to a false gospel where repentance is unnecessary.

The Chosen Jesus and diciples#9 – A Premature Arrest

Roman soldiers arrest Yahushua before the Mount of Olives, a story that is not found anywhere in the Bible. This was added to destroy faith in inspiration, for Yahushua declared it was not yet His time.

#10 – Demeaning Christ

To bring Yahuwah down to our level, The Chosen includes a scene where Yahushua prepares a sermon and rehearses well-known passages, making them feel more human and common than inspired by His Father. His mother interrupts him during one of these rehearsals, and you can see the frustration in his eyes. During this same interaction with Yahushua and Mary, she says, "I'm proud of you," to which this supposed Yahushua replies, “Maybe wait to say that until after I’m done, in case I mess up in front of such a big crowd.” ...THIS IS YAHUSHUA! This show gratifies the evil heart by demeaning our Lord and Savior.

#11 – An Unscriptural Script

Unscriptural additions pepper The Chosen. Some seem innocuous, others are blatantly Catholic, and some amuse the imagination while instilling doubt. When Mary and Joseph lose sight of a young Yahushua, they find Him in the temple, and The Chosen Yahushua asks them, "Did you not know I must be in the house of my father"? What? The Bible says, “Be about my Father’s business.” This is typical of a Catholic-inspired production to emphasize a church building instead of obedience to the Father in heaven.

Another example happens in a supposed exchange between a disciple and Mary Magdalene, where she is asked when she first saw Yahushua. Her response: “In a tavern.” She says, "He put his hand on mine," adding, "which is not what it sounds like." She recommends that John leave that part out of his book so people don't get confused... just another way The Chosen creates questions and doubts.

This series poses great danger since it appears to "follow the Bible closely" and thus can lead many to deception. In an interview, the show is described as a "multi-lane highway for relationships with Yahushua” (for this reason, the show includes homosexuals, atheists, Catholics, and mystics for their writers, actors, and crew.) The Bible says that narrow is the way that leads to life, and broad is the way to destruction. There is no multi-lane highway to Christ.

#12 – Prayers to Mary Behind the Scenes

Talking to the Dead: Talking to Demons

Talking to the Dead: Talking to Demons

The Chosen Yahushua actor Jonathan Roumie has quite a following, and it’s concerning how his influence is used. Roumie has a “rosary live” broadcast which attracts many viewers. On the Livestream, he teaches viewers the Catholic rosary, to pray to dead saints, pray to a dead Mary, and ask her for the forgiveness of sins. Maybe you wouldn't watch his rosary, but his unbiblical depiction of Christ will entertain you. What place does light have with darkness? We are supposed to be giving the loud cry and calling people out of Babylon, not watching their productions.

#13 – A Catholic Christ?

Interviews with The Chosen Yahushua actor Jonathan Roumie reveals much that should concern Protestants.

"Your depiction of Yahushua has got the attention of the Catholic world in a big way,” Roumie is told in one interview. (He admits his depiction of Yahushua is inspired by the Pope, whom he visited and received a blessing from.)

Chosen Jesus and the pope

Jonathan Roumie also recounts his experience with a woman who lost her son. The woman was convinced that if she touched the hem of the garment Jonathan Roumie wore, she would be able to connect with the soul of her son. This is a doctrine of demons. This false Yahushua did not seek to correct the woman and point her to Christ but instead took the glory to himself. No wonder the man of sin likes him!

#14 – A Troubling Theme and Mystic Music

Topping things off, the music for The Chosen is produced by men such as Dan Haseltine, an avowed teacher of spiritual formation, who said about the production of the show’s music that he “wanted it to have a little chaos.” When preparing the soundtrack, Dallas Jenkins told the composers, “There are no rules on this.” That mindset carries into the show's lyrics, as the opening for every episode drives home their message that Yahuwah, “Got no trouble with the mess you have been.” And while they don’t openly say so, mystic undertones characterize the music in each episode.

The Chosen creator, actor, and pope

Final Words of Caution

The Chosen has a gross disregard for Christ and makes light of Him throughout the show. If there were no other point, this would be enough to discard it as a grave and dangerous error. Yet there are dozens of such points. Where the Bible leads us to salvation, The Chosen leads us to lightly regard truth, repentance, and Christ's sacrifice for us. Portions of Scripture that are essential and reveal conversion are twisted to amuse and entertain.

There is no light in this satanic portrayal and twisted humanist production. Those who care about preparing for Yahushua's coming should shun the works of darkness.

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