The Way Divides

covered wagonIt was a strange migration. Gold had been discovered in the western United States, and within days men set off from the east on horseback, followed in the months to come by wagon loads of families; all were after the elusive dream of riches. Thousands sold everything they owned and traveled the uncharted paths west. Thousands lost everything, even their lives. The perils of the journey, sickness, accident, weather and enemies, reduced the wagon trains until only a remnant arrived at their destination. Then, even fewer ever found the gold and riches they had sacrificed all to attain.

Some of these wagon trains hired guides and scouts to lead them. Others elected someone from among their group to take the responsibility of leadership. That responsibility was huge. Lives could be lost by choosing the wrong path. Hardships could be increased by missing waterholes or not camping in the right place. Attacks by enemies could destroy them if the people were not trained in quick defensive measures. The security of the group rested on the shoulders of the leader.

When a wagon master had accidentally gone the wrong way, when he had chosen the wrong path, it was his duty to tell the people and ask them to turn around, go back, and take the right path. This could involve additional travel, wasted time and lots of grumbling. At times, some of the wagons even broke off and continued in the wrong path rather then retrace the way they had come. Admission of an error by the leader involved the danger of loss of faith in his leadership. Mutiny was a real possibility. A conscientious leader would always look for additional information, added knowledge for use in the decisions that guided the group.

World's Last Chance is a leader in the field of religious websites. As the foremost teacher of seventh-day Sabbath worship, it has a grave responsibility to teach truth and truth only. Because truth is ever unfolding, study must be ongoing to discover which beliefs are to be learned and which must be unlearned. Yahuwah has promised to guide those who diligently seek into all truth. The last generation that lives through the coming time of trouble must have only truth, no error in their beliefs. They must be established upon that truth so that they cannot be shaken by man's assaults or demon's deceptions.

World's Last Chance has always firmly believed that all people have an obligation to their Creator to worship Him on the seventh day, His appointed Sabbath according to the fourth commandment. But, how is that Sabbath to be found? Is it possible to be right about the count of the day and wrong about which calendar to use to find that day? In the past months, diligent study has been done by many dedicated Sabbatarians as to whether or not the Gregorian calendar in common use by society around the world, is the true Biblical calendar. Where are the roots of the Julian/Gregorian calendar found? Which calendar was used by Moses at the time of the Exodus? Which calendar was used in Babylon? Which calendar was used by the Jews at the time of Yahushua, the Christ?

Serious study of these questions has led the researchers to the final decision that the correctly numbered day to worship has been taught. The seventh day of the week is the Sabbath. However, the original Biblical luni-solar calendar must be used to find Yahuwah's true seventh-day. Through time there have been many calendars, many schemes to measure time and set the days for worship. The Bible must be our guide; the scriptures must establish when to worship and which calendar to use. Historical facts can be used along side the Bible to affirm truth, but the Bible is to be the final authority.

World's Last Chance website has now posted articles, e-courses, and videos to share the information gathered by the researchers. It has been a shock to learn that the idea of "continuously cycling weeks since creation" was a wrong assumption. The Gregorain Pagan/Papal calendar is the wrong measurement to use for determining the true seventh day for worship. It is strange to the mind to try and understand a different system of time measurement. But, truth is so precious, it is a joy to know for sure that the correct Sabbath can be found if the correct luni-solar calendar is used. Please study out this vital, life-changing issue for yourself. Please compare scriptures and the facts of history to understand that Satan really has sought to "change times and laws". Please give Yahuwah's Spirit a chance to impress your mind by promising to obey Him if He reveals to you that this is truth.

Join believers around the world as our steps are retraced, knowledge of an old path is restored and concepts new to us are understood. Prayers for your spiritual safety are arising continuously from the staff and researchers of World's Last Chance website. Christ Yahushua is coming very soon. Let us unite in heart and voice, spirit and truth on the true seventh-day lunar Sabbath to worship our Creator.

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