Updated Beliefs

It has been a long journey for WLC [since 2002] to formulate our updated beliefs. The team's ongoing examination of our beliefs stems from an earnest desire not to hold onto erroneous teachings or doctrine willfully. This obsession with constantly examining our beliefs stems from our deep concern for our salvation and the salvation of the online community we are honored to serve. Father Yahuwah has mercifully guided us to gain a deeper understanding of the truth through the ministry of several sources under the glaring caveat that no one source will be error-free. So, we are always entirely dependent on His Spirit to guide us in picking the rays of light we are missing and leaving aside the fatal errors. Our readiness to swiftly discard error without hesitation has led to formulating a set of 'genuinely unique beliefs' in Christendom today. We are not claiming that we have arrived today; we are far from it. But because of Father Yahuwah's Infinite mercies towards our lowly platform, WLC is closer to His pure truth than ever. Click here to acquaint yourselves with our updated beliefs.