Church of God (Seventh day Sabbath/Saturday observing)

Church of God - Seventh Day 

Wherever there is great truth, Satan is hard at work to bring in error and confusion to corrupt that truth.  The seventh-day Sabbath observing Churches of God possess an abundance of truth that is almost unprecedented in other denominations.  Their love for their Maker can be seen in their desire to honor Him by obedience to His law.  They understand the perpetuity of the fourth commandment and rightly shun Christmas for it’s pagan origins.

However, certain long-held beliefs based on assumption and tradition have intermingled error with the truths held by these sincere-hearted children of Yah.  Following is a list of errors held by some or all of the Sabbath observant Churches of God.

Yahuwah invites the sincere Truth-Seekers of the various Churches of God to follow Him into all truth, laying aside those beliefs founded upon tradition and assumption.