Bible Prophecy That All Churches Will Fall

Question: Has the Bible prophesied that all recognized churches will apostatize before the Second Coming of Yahushua?

Answer: Yes, Isaiah 4:1 depicts the condition of the all recognized churches today:

"and in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach." (Isaiah 4:1)

This prophecy tells us that at the end of time "seven" (7 symbolically means "all", "totality", "complete", i.e. 7 days of creation, 7 last plagues, 7 years of famine, etc.) or ALL, "women" (or churches - churches [ekklesia] are often symbolized as women in the Bible, i.e. Rev.12:1 vs. Rev. 17:3, etc) shall take hold of one man (they will claim to have a relationship with Yahushua - which ALL the "churches" profess today) saying, We will eat our own bread (They reject the true Bread of life - Yahushua and His teachings, see John 6:51, and prefer rather to "eat" their own false doctrines and traditions - see Isaiah 8:20), and wear our own apparel (they also reject the pure, white robe of Yahushua's righteousness and prefer their own system of works and self-righteousness - see Isaiah 61:10; Rev. 3:4, 5, 18) but they say: only let us be called by Thy name (despite of their rebellion, they want to be recognized, why?) to take away our reproach. They don't want their shame and disgrace to be seen due to the fact that they are teaching falsehood and are not part of Yahushua's ekklesia, but in reality they are one of the shameful, harlot daughters of Babylon!

The reason why we use Ekklesia and not church when referring to Yahuwah's faithful in WLC content is because the word "church" does not accurately convey the meaning of the original Greek, "Ekklesia." Throughout the New Testament, Ekklesia refers to the Called Out Ones. The word "church," which emphasizes a group, is therefore an erroneous translation and should never have been used. Christians are literally the Called Out Ones. The true followers of Yahushua are indeed the Called Out Ones from the organized denominations and religions of fallen Babylon. When the call to flee Babylon has been heard, none are to again return to Babylonian churches and forms of religion.

Since, today all the churches are feeding their members a mixture of truth and error which removes Yahuwah from their midst, He has commanded us that whenever truth is mixed with error to “come out of her My people” (2 Corinthians 6:14-18).

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