Isn’t the Sabbath we keep today the same one Yahushua kept until His death?

Answer: Traditionally, it has been said that since the dawn of creation 6000 years ago, successive weeks, a cycle of six days followed by a Sabbath rest, has never been broken to this very day. In addition, it has been said, that our seven day cycle is a tribute to a seven day creation week rather than the popular evolutionary process of millions of years. After all, who can argue this point when the Jews still keep this same weekly cycle today, as well as a Saturday Sabbath? But do they? We will study the evidence regarding the Jews and the Sabbath in more detail in the related content below; however we will touch on some aspects of successive weeks here.

One of the secrets that unlock this mystery lies in the identity of the true crucifixion & resurrection days.

So, why is the crucifixion week so important to understand?

The reason that this last week in the life of Yahushua is so very important to all who are seeking truth, is that these consecutive few days clarify in detail, at the very pinnacle of time, the harmonious connection of Yahuwah’s appointed time history, past, present and future. Our Creator’s ordained system of time keeping, and His alone, bares the seal of the cross of Yahushua, thus making it impossible for man to alter or manipulate His historic and prophetic calendar.

He shall insult the Most High, he shall torment/wear out the holy ones of the Most High, and he shall attempt to change the calendar and the ordinance. Daniel 7:25 (John Knox’ translation, Twentieth Century.)

Sabbath and New Moon (Rosh Hodesh), both periodically recur in the course of the year. The New Moon is still, and the Sabbath originally was, dependent upon the lunar cycle. (Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, p. 410)

If all the accumulated evidence is true, then successive weeks as we have known them on the Julian/Gregorian calendar “have been broken” since the time of creation. Secondly, Saturday as we know it today can not be the true seventh-day Sabbath of Yahuwah. If this is true, and if you are a truth seeker, would it not be a real joy to discover the true seventh-day Sabbath of our Creator?

And the times of this ignorance Yahuwah winked at. . . . Acts 17:30

At the time of Yahushua the ancient Hebrew calendar was still adhered to. Yahushua kept New Moons, all appointed Feast days and seventh-day Sabbath that Moses kept. In fact, as the Lamb of Yahuwah, he fulfilled in His death and resurrection, the types and shadows of Passover, and First Fruits with the appointed and timely precision.  The Feast of Pentecost was also fulfilled by Yahushua who was ordained by His Father and began His High Priestly Ministry in the Sanctuary above. Because Saturday at the time of Yahushua’s death was not synonymous with the Hebrew/Torah’s Seventh-day Sabbath and our Creator’s luni-solar calendar, then it must of necessity, still be true today, that Saturday is still not synonymous with the Hebrew seventh-day Sabbath of the Scripture. Remember, this calendar change was made after the death of Yahushua.

If the above was true for Yahushua’s time on earth, then it is also true and viable today, because the Julian/Gregorian calendar has never changed its successive seven day cycle once it changed from the original eight-day cycle around the time of Constantine in A.D. 324. Could this be the real source for the “mistaken” idea of an unbroken succession of weeks since creation? While the Creator’s calendar is a completely different method of calendation than what we have grown accustomed to, does that mean it is too confusing or wrong?

Unfamiliar is no more synonymous with wrong than familiar is synonymous with right.

Profound evidence for the luni-solar calendar with its sacred New Moons and their appointed seventh-day Sabbaths is found in the calendation details of the Cross. At the epicenter of time, Yahushua hung in the balances between heaven and earth to redeem and restore mankind back to their Creator. He fulfilled the letter of the Law that we might through faith in Him receive forgiveness, mercy, and an inheritance in the Promised Land. He had to meet not only the legal elements of the covenant agreement, but also the appointed time elements, which He met perfectly.

Special note:

The Full Moon always falls on the 14th or 15th day of the lunar month.  The day of the Full Moon is always 14-15 days counting from New Moon Day.  This means that the Full Moon coincides with Passover on the 14th of Abib and the Feast of Unleavened Bread on the 15th of Abib.  The full moon occurred on April 25 in 31 AD, which would have been the first day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread (Abib 15), counting from the first dawn after the lunar-solar conjunction - on the modern equivalent of We--esday.  This means that Yahushua was crucified on the modern equivalent of Tu--day, which would have been Abib 14.

With prayerful study of the vast evidence, it will be discovered that Yahushua did not fulfill the time sequence of a pagan calendar, but in a striking manner His death and resurrection beacon the truth of what has become His lost and forgotten time system. All who look forward to His soon return to establish Yahuwah’s kingdom on earth, will follow in His path, meeting not only the legal elements of the covenant agreement, but also the time elements of His appointed feasts and seventh-day Sabbath.

This first point you make is of vital importance, and simply cannot be covered in a one page answer.
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