Alms for the Poor

abandoned houseThe WLC Team stands ready to support any legitimately poor individual (or family) that is known by a WLC Community Member. We will take these situations on an individual basis. The following documentation will be required:
  1. Valid ID photo(s) - if not for the individual, for you, the facilitator 
  2. Personal photos of the individual or family
  3. Living quarters photos for the individual or family
  4. Any other pertinent information to verify the legitimacy of the needs of the individual or family. 
Please contact WLC via this link. (Once you make contact with WLC, someone from the WLC team will respond in person, at which time the requested documents can be attached and emailed.)

If you know of an individual or family in need, please contact WLC with all documentation. The amount of support will vary from case to case.

Monthly support will be paid in crypto since no bank today will allow bank wires to “strangers.” If the recipient of the support cannot handle crypto, then a trusted person must be charged with the task of receiving the crypto and cashing it out to hand over to the beneficiary. Additional information on Crypto payments here

(None of this will be displayed on WLC. It is for verification processes only. We are only asking for these personal details to assure the money is really going for those who are in need.)

We are also interested in working with established programs that would facilitate in our helping the poor. If you are part of such an organization, please contact us here

Since there is no first-hand confirmation of the documentation or first-hand knowledge of the recipient, the scrutiny of the documentation will be vigorous to minimize abuse and possible fraud.