Alms for Widows

Hands of a Widow The WLC Team stands ready to support any widow that meets the following Biblical criteria*: If you are a widow that meets the above criteria or if you know of such a widow, please click here to contact WLC. (Once you make contact with WLC, someone from the WLC team will respond in person, at which time the requested documents can be attached and emailed.)

The amount of support will vary from case to case and will be paid in crypto since no bank today will allow bank wires to “strangers.” If the recipient of the support cannot handle crypto, then a trusted person must be charged with the task of receiving the crypto and cashing it out to hand over to the beneficiary. Additional information on Crypto payments here.

A PROOF OF LIFE & SINGLENESS certificate signed by a Notary Public or equivalent state appointed official must be furnished every three months.

Since there is no first-hand confirmation of the documentation or first-hand knowledge of the recipient, the scrutiny of the documentation will be vigorous to minimize abuse and possible fraud.

*The stated criteria can be found in 1 Timothy 5.