How do I know that I am ready for baptism?

Question: How do I know that I am ready for baptism?

Answer: Baptism is a very solemn ordinance. It is not to be entered on lightly. It is performed in the name of Yahushua, our Saviour, and thus entails utmost seriousness and heart searching before one declares himself/herself ready for baptism. Completion of the eCourses is clearly a mere first step. Through the eCourses a baptismal candidate becomes aware and informed of the basics of His truth for these last days. Intellectual acceptance of the truth is not enough, if the truth learned is not lived out. We need to demonstrate by and in our daily lives that obeying His truth is now our first and foremost priority in life.

In baptism, the candidate pledges before our loving Father Yahuwah and our Saviour Yahushua and all the watching heavenly angels that his/her life going forward will be in total compliance with Yahuwah’s will. At WLC, we believe that a baptismal candidate is ready for baptism if he/she can answer truthfully with an emphatic YES to each of the following 12 questions:

1)    Is your heart and mind in full conformity with all the truths you have learned from the eCourses?

2)    Are you living presently in full conformity with the truths you have learned from the eCourses?

3)    Are you keeping faithfully His seventh-day Lunar Sabbath, and His holy feasts?

4)    Have you made the necessary diet changes that are necessary to have a clear mind and healthful lifestyle to discern spiritual truth?

5)    Are you fully delivered and free from being a victim of any vice or form of addiction?

6)    Are you ready to give up all (i.e. job, family, friends, possessions) and not compromise on His truth?

7)    Have you separated officially from the denominational church in which you were a member prior to learning and accepting His divine truth, by notifying them in writing of your decision to drop your name from their records?

8)    Are you ready to stand alone in defense of your convictions, as all the faithful ones have done in the past? [See Hebrews 11.]

9)    Is truth more precious to you than life itself? Are you willing to pay the ultimate price in defense of His truth?

10) Have you been tested already without yielding, as you began to conform your life in accordance with His divine will?

11) Do you know that when WLC assists in your baptism, that you are not joining a WLC Church for WLC is not a denomination but a movement focused on preparing Yahuwah's faithful for the Second Coming of Yahushua?

12) Do you know that the only ekklesia you should aspire to join is the ekklesia of Hebrews 12:22-24?

If your answer is an emphatic YES to the above 12 questions, then as a truth seeker, you can now ask Father Yahuwah to help lead another soul to His truth, and then you can both baptize each other.   If you are not yet able to answer with an emphatic YES to the above 12 questions, then plead with Yahuwah to deepen your conversion experience so that you can have the needed life transformation, which will align your life fully with His will.