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Bible Study Lessons eCourse Bible Study Lessons eCourse The online Bible study course provides a series of lessons on Biblical Christian doctrine. Each point of faith is proven on the basis of Bible texts. Many will be surprised to learn that the Bible does not teach the Trinity, the Atonement finished on the cross, the coming thousand-year kingdom of peace on the earth, nor many other doctrines commonly taught in today's churches. The entire doctrinal foundation necessary for saving faith and maintaining a Christian life appears in concise, but detailed form. While the scope of the course is challenging, every effort is made to make it accessible to everyone. It requires a close reading of the Scriptures and encourages immediate commitment to what one has learned.
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Last Days' Events eCourse Last Days Events eCourse The online Last Day Events course is a must for those who have already studied basic, Biblical Christian doctrine. The answers and explanations found in this course undoubtedly serve a crying need in today's society. The political, religious, social, and economic trends that mark the world today have people's minds in confusion. This simple, step-by-step outline brings clarity out of the mists of contemporary anxiety, fear, and despair.  The knowledge about the time of the end found here liberates from both fear and false hopes, establishing a firm foundation on the prophetic word and unfailing promises of Yahuwah.
8 lessons: 200 WLC Points.
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The Spirit of Prophecy eCourse The Spirit of Prophecy eCourse The online Spirit of Prophecy course examines a vital issue to Yahushua's followers: the ways by which Yahuwah continues to guide His church. It examines the prophetic gifts from Scripture's point of view. It follows the lives and messages of a number of post-Biblical figures of whom claims to divine guidance have been made, evaluating such claims in the light of Bible principles in regard to the gift of prophecy. It examines the details of Ellen White's ministry and her role in encouraging believers and establishing doctrine.  Because her writings were pivotal in the establishing of the 25 beliefs on the WLC website, this course also examines the criticism of her ministry and writings.
10 lessons: 250 WLC Points.
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Living the Fullness of Life eCourse Living the Fullness of Life eCourse Your Father in Heaven desires for you to grow in health as well as in grace. If you desire to know how you and your family can enjoy better mental, spiritual, and physical well-being based on living Bible principles, you will relish this course. Living the Fullness of Life covers the foundation of practical living taken directly from the Bible and life of Yahushua, including how to take care of the sick, avoid extremes in diet, and protect yourself and your children from illness.
4 parts: A total of 1075 WLC Points.  
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The Book of Daniel eCourse The Book of Daniel eCourse The Book of Daniel eCourse follows the details of this amazing prophetic book, focusing on its main themes: the life of faith under conditions of adversity, the rise of papal Rome as the most aggressively persecuting power in the world's history, the priestly work of Yahushua the Messiah, and the glorious Second Coming of Yahushua. Unique to this course is the unsealing of the book in this last generation, where the secrets of Daniel 12 are revealed for the first time in history!
15 lessons: 375 WLC Points.
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Changing Weeks: Hiding Sabbath eCourse Changing Weeks: Hiding Sabbath eCourse   Calendars are religious devices, used for establishing worship times. Therefore, most calendar reforms have been religiously motivated, at least in part. This eCourse covers recent calendar reforms because calendar reform is needed: Sabbath reform requires calendar reform! However, the calendar reform that is currently being proposed would hide the true Sabbath still further. Believers of the final generation are called Repairers of the Breach because they lead out in true calendar reform: a return to true worship, on the true Sabbath, by the Creator’s true calendar.
5 lessons: 125 WLC Points.    
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The Battle Over Worship eCourse The  Battle Over Worship eCourse This short eCourse reveals that in the war between Yahuwah and His adversary, Satan, the battleground is worship. When you worship reveals whom you worship. Satan has changed the calendar so that an earnest seeker for truth cannot even find the correct day to worship using the modern calendar. It is important to worship on the correct day because the day on which one worships is his pledge of allegiance to whichever Deity/deity he is worshipping: the Creator, Yahuwah, or that power which has set himself up in opposition to the Creator. The Biblical calendar, established at Creation, is the only means by which the true seventh-day Sabbath can be found.
4 lessons: 100 WLC Points.
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Pagan Origins of the Modern Calendar eCourse Pagan Origins of the Modern Calendar eCourse This important eCourse will show that Christians today worship on Saturday or Sunday because they believe those days are the Biblical seventh and first days of the week. The fact that no days of the week were lost when the Julian calendar transitioned into the Gregorian calendar is used as proof that the modern week, Sunday through Saturday, has come down unchanged since Creation. However, the facts of the Julian calendar itself prove that this assumption is wrong. While the modern week is the same length as the Biblical week, it is founded upon a pagan week, not the Biblical week. Furthermore, the pagan week has a continuous cycle while the Biblical weeks restart at each New Moon. It is impossible to find the true day of Yahushua’s resurrection or the true Biblical Sabbath using the Julian calendar or its modern Gregorian equivalent.
6 lessons: 150 WLC Points.
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12 Criteria of the True Crucifixion Date eCourse 12 Criteria of the True Crucifixion Date eCourse This eCourse covers the 12 criteria provided by Scripture as a 12-point test, which allows truth seekers today to pinpoint the true date of the crucifixion of Yahushua. This is important because these same criteria establish how Yahuwah’s calendar worked. They also reveal when the true seventh-day Sabbath occurs – and it is not Saturday!
4 lessons: 100 WLC Points.
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Life and Teachings of Yahushua, the Anointed eCourse Life and Teachings of Yahushua, the Anointed eCourse Have you ever longed to become more intimately acquainted with the One who gave Himself for you? Do you wish to relive the events and details of His birth, life, ministry, death and resurrection and to gain a seemingly eye-witness perspective of His life? Have you experienced the fullness of His joy as you understand what He wants His children to experience before He comes again? The content of this course contains deep insights and soul-searching lessons as revealed in the four gospels and what many believe to be the most beautiful book - besides the Bible - ever written on the life of Yahushua, The Desire of Ages. In this course, we hope you will meet the One who is able to fulfill your every longing, leaving you never the same again.
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Guardian of History's Largest Religious Lie eCourse Guardian of History The origins of Saturday reveal the shocking identities of the hidden god and his modern representative.  Scripture reveals that the times of Israel's grossest apostasies were all centered around the worship of Saturn on his day.  This eCourse is a must-read for all who wish to honor their Creator.  You will never again view Saturday or Sunday in the same way after taking this eCourse.
5 lessons: 125 WLC Points.  
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Name Above All Names eCourse Name Above All Names eCourse Scripture invites everyone to call upon the name of the Creator. This holy name is the Name Above All Names. It contains the power that called the universe into existence and is itself a promise! However, unless a person knows what the personal name of the Almighty is, he cannot call upon that Name which is above all names. Learn the name of the Father and the Son. Claim the promise of Their names. They are waiting eagerly to be all that you could ever ask or think!
12 lessons: 300 WLC Points.  
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New Moon Day: When & Why eCourse New Moon Day: When & Why eCourse This eCourse explains why New Moon Day commences at dawn following the lunar-solar conjunction.  In addition to providing both Biblical and historical evidence to support this method of reckoning, this course provides explanations of why no other method will work. 
5 lessons: 125 WLC Points      
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True New Year: When is it? eCourse True New Year: When is it? eCourse It is critical that all of Yahuwah's faithful Feast-keepers have a right understanding of when the Biblical New Year begins.  Some advocate using the Spring equinox, while others teach that the New Year is determined by the ripening barley in Palestine.  For those who are honestly seeking after truth, the debate essentially boils down to "Scripture vs. Tradition."  On which side do you stand?
3 lessons: A total of 75 WLC Points.    
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Flat Earth: The Bible Truth! eCourse Flat Earth: The Bible Truth! eCourse This eCourse explores the reality of the Flat Earth according to Scripture and reason.  It is not easy to shake off an entire lifetime of incessant conditioning and deceptive propaganda, but by the Father's grace, it can be achieved.  It is our prayer that you will lay your prejudices and presuppositions at the door of investigation and take the time to study this out with an open mind and honest heart.
8 lessons: 200 WLC Points.    
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Pagan Holidays: Christmas & Easter Pagan Holidays: Christmas & Easter Come out of her, My people!  Forsake your pagan traditions: Christmas, Easter, & Sunday Worship!  Return to Yah and make the Bible alone your creed.
4 lessons: 100 WLC Points.      
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