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How To Earn WLC Points

To Our Dear WLC Community Members:

At WLC you can earn points in many ways. With the earned points, you can purchase many items from our online store, after you have completed any 7 eCourses. You will never need to pay for anything in our store, except with the very points you have earned from your online activity. Here is how you can earn points:

  • Book set testimonial: You will earn 50 points, when you submit your testimonial on the 4 vol. book set, which you will receive [free of charge] upon registering and confirming your address.
  • eCourses: You will earn 25 points for each completed lesson. The accumulated points earned will be instantly transferred to the member's account once the eCourse has been completed. We continue to add new eCourses all the time.
  • Daily quiz: Every time you answer the daily quiz successfully, you will earn 5 points.
  • Weekly survey: Every time you participate in the weekly survey (on the home page), you will earn 5 points.
  • Content reading: Every time you access an English content item on the site, you will earn 1 point. (1 point per one content item)
  • Image upload: You will earn 5 points for each image you upload to your gallery, with a maximum limit of 50 images.
We trust that you will become actively engaged in the community to begin earning points immediately.

In His love and service,
The WLC Team.

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