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The Palace 2

As she sang and danced Cristal began to calm down and eventually sat along the edge of the garden picking a few small flowers which she intended to bring in to her mother. A shadow came over her as she picked the last bright blue flower before she could get away Cristal heard the deep growling voice crying “I got you this time!” She screamed and sprang forward but to late the infamous tickle mom-ster had her in her clutches and Cristal succumbed to a round of furious tickling and laughter until both were exhausted. “I heard you singing sweetheart, and I heard you talking to Jesus too, I’m glad you can talk to him.” “You don’t believe in Jesus Mom, why should that make you glad?” “It’s time for supper baby come to the house we’ll make something special to eat, “Like what flattened blue bell soup?” “Maybe, or maybe some roasted dinosaur steak.”...
by Hubert Rondeau
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