Why Russia?
Russia is the only modern country mentioned by name in the Old Testament. Today, its news permeates every media type due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. This war will end with a decisive win for Russia. We are not rooting for Russia. (We yearn for the return of Yahushua to Earth to put a decisive end to all wars and conflicts). But Yahuwah has a severe grievance to settle with Russia. He will execute His revenge against Russia before all the nations in the next war that Russia will wage. As Bible believers, we must follow current events hawkishly, as they are clear signs of the times, heralding the imminent establishment of Yahuwah's eternal kingdom on earth. Click here to learn more.

Non-WLC Videos

The 19th Psalm abounds with geocentric sentiments.
Time: 00:05:23
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Can John's vision of the heavenly city, New Jerusalem, be harmonised with the heliocentric model?
Time: 00:12:08
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''WAY MAKER'' in Hebrew, Arabic & English (Worship by Jews & Arabs)
Time: 00:06:45
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Is He Worthy? // Sounds Like Reign
Time: 00:04:55
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Robert Stearns shares a powerful prophetic dream in November 2007 at a Family Foundations Conference.
Time: 00:09:57
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The current war in Ukraine grinding on into a second year--is just part of the staging for the BIG event.
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A sermon about fear...
Time: 00:05:45
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Episode 11 from the series The End Is Near? with Skip Heitzig.
Time: 00:44:43
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Episode 10 from the series The End Is Near? with Skip Heitzig.
Time: 00:48:17
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Episode 9 from the series The End Is Near? with Skip Heitzig.
Time: 00:45:10
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Space is made in a Hollywood basement.
Time: 00:04:43
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Regathering of Israel: Prophecy Explained
Time: 00:45:51
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Are We Spinning?
Time: 00:36:13
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Tips on Talking to Trinitarians about John 1 (By Bill Schlegel)
Time: 01:22:59
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At John 14-16, Yahushua comforts his disciples promising them another Comforter.  Yahuwah will raise Yahushua from the dead to a NEW life, and this other Comforter is Yahushua risen from the dead, the new man and second Adam.
Time: 00:35:08
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This study of Zechariah 14's Return of Christ will incorporate Google Earth. We find something pretty cool on the Mount of Olives that shall be split in half.
Time: 00:23:23
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I made a model of Ezekiels Temple. I am shocked how beautiful it will be!
Time: 00:27:53
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Coming Revival in Jerusalem - Parts 1 & 2 (By Keith Malcomson)
Time: 02:00:02
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