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Does Christ Rule the Nations Now?
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Trinity doctrine is the adoption of full blown Docetic Gnosticism which the apostle John defines as the spirit of the antichrist.
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What is the Hebrew principal of agency? Were the Jews claiming that Jesus was saying he was God in John the 5th chapter?
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What was the glory that Jesus had "before the foundation of the world?
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Who is the Lamb in the book of Revelation? Is the Lamb God? Bill Schlegel brings us a succinct - 9 minute - overview of Jesus and God in the last book of the Bible.
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What is the truth about worshipping Jesus? When is it wrong to worship Jesus? Should we worship Jesus as being God? If Jesus was worshipped in the Bible does that mean he is God?
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Jesus is a worshipper! And, he teaches his people what true worship is. What does it mean to worship in truth? What does it mean to worship in spirit?
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This is the first in J. Dan Gill's "The Complete Series on Biblical Worship." In this opening teaching, we learn that in the Bible there are differing kinds of honor due for different kinds of glory.
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In this lesson, I briefly review what I’ve covered in this series, and then I take a look at marriage in Hebrew culture, and the specifics of the divorce certificate in that same culture.
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Here, I cover some preliminary thoughts I’ve had while studying Exodus 22:16-17, namely that a good marriage is key...
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This is a short lesson for us husbands. The Apostle Peter specifically tells you that your lack of relationship with your wife can interfere with your prayers.
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Divorce and Remarriage: We cover Deuteronomy 24, Matthew 5, Matthew 19, and Malachi 2.
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When a man and woman get married, they are called to picture a greater relationship than theirs.
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There are Christians in the world today, and Churches as a whole who do not believe there is any valid reason for a Christian to get a divorce.
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So many times I’ve heard something like this: “Well I know the law taught one thing about divorce and remarriage, but Christ overturned that. He gave new, stricter law.” Why do people think this?
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A look at Matthew 19 and Mark 10. Mark’s account gets left out of just about every lecture on this topic.
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What did the Law of Moses teach about divorce? By comparing a text in Deuteronomy with Yeshua's words to the Pharisees, we begin to see a clear picture of the reason for divorce...
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